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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
With the collaboration of the Museum Internazionale della Calzatura “Pietro Bertolini“ of Vigevano of Italy, the Department of Culture has mounted in the Museum of the Suit a sample on the seductive stiletto, the stiletto, the top shoe, which has been 50 years of history. Born in 1940, when Christian Dior presented his famous collection New Look, the stiletto became famous between the women and his social echo, at the time that it was affecting to the spine of the checkers that were showing it. A luxury that ends up by spending invoice.
The exhibition shows the most glamorous or historical copies of the numerous copies that the said Italian museum counts in his funds museográficos and inventoried documentaries. Salvatore Ferragamo thought that the postwar period times were most adapted to revolutionize the image of the Italian footwear and in the middle of them to
May, 2009
For ages, the fashion and the movies, and the fashion and the theater, have been closely close. The work of the figurinista and creator of the wardrobe, it has constituted one of the props of the dramatic and operatic work that is exhibited before the public, together with the scenery and the lighting. Now and until May 22, it is possible to contemplate these two worlds, that of the fashionable design and that of the theater, in an interesting Exhibition located in the neoclassic lounges of the Spanish Theater, of Madrid, ancient lot of a corral of comedies of times of Felipe II.
April, 2009
During the 9th and 10th of March the Seminar has been celebrated in Rome “Management of the identity in the organization of events of Fashion” in the one that there have informed associations of Italy, England, Spain and some Spanish-American countries. Our Association “Fashion University and Company” has taken part actively in this Seminar informing about the development of his activities especially the celebration of the International Congress of Fashion CIM 2008 and the future plans of
March, 2009
She is the most original and outstanding Spanish hats designer, therefore the Museum of the Suit has finished with offering him this exhibition under the title "The art of flying according to Candle Cort", that will remain opened until the next April 26. Candle Cort (Madrid, 1959) is a prodigious maker in the hats, the jewels, the photo... He studied Fine arts and his plastic and esthetic sense they have no end. The current exhibition includes hats, hairdos and manipulated icons of the Art history. The Commission of the sample belongs to Valérie De Baeque and Dora Revinski Munch.
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