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For: José F. Serra
We have released a new year. The calendar says to us, a little challenging, that we are already in 2009. The optimists have received it with: one more year! and the pessimists with: one year less! The passage of time always suggests us concrete targets, the easy some and sometimes superdifficult others, as for example: to obtain the eternal youth. If the fashion has become optional and gives game to a lot of possibilities, in the topic of the personal esthetics it is implacable, it is necessary to have a flexible and rectilinear figure and: especially! to be a young man... or, at least, it to seem.
The desperate battle to gain the game to the time does that today many women, and every time also more men, come to face-lift clinics, or that to demonstrate that he is heart young people they practise the physical exercise or some sport of forceful or even excessive form. The thing is not for less. In the apa system
December, 2008
The year that it finishes finishes off his days with a singular holiday: Christmas. It is necessary to leave aside the thunderclouds of the crisis to submerge directly in the human warmth that wraps the most familiar and affectionate holiday of the year. Around us we see her reflected in the adornments that arise in streets and squares: nativity scenes, trees, hearts and the Christmas resplendence of one of the symbols of major openwork: the stars. “If the stars go down to look at him, behind every star it travels an angel” the poet Luis Rosales was writing. From we want to wish all our readership and readers one: HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
November, 2008
There has lived through Madrid the first International Congress of Fashion organized by the association “Fashion, University and Company” - publisher of "asmoda" - together with the School of fashionable Design of the Polytechnical University. In the section “Culture“ you will be explained in detail all the acts of the Congress, but there are two important conclusions to be emphasized of these days of reflection and debate: 1st Spain is at a height of the big countries in which the fashion is a modality cultural and 2nd the Congress has extracted all the enormous cultural, ethical and social references that the fashion has.
October, 2008
“We do not want the anorexia in our footbridges. We want healthy models.” This way of forceful there was expressing to herself the president of the Community of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, during the presentation in the Real House of Post office of 48 edition of the Footbridge Cibeles that already has a new name “Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week”. It showed that it was following in foot the commitment to spread a healthy image of the models who parade and that kept on being a norm of forced fulfillment, as it happens already from September, 2006, that the models have a corporal mass concerning 18.
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