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For: Josefina Figueras
In one of the letters published recently in our magazine, Maria Suárez Pérez, a student of journalism of 18 years, was asking us in a next number of to speak on what also it must be considered to be “a beauty“ in a wider sense because the essential of a woman his appearance is not only. Today we do it from this Opinion section.
The story The beautiful one and the beast that has been taken to the movies and to the musical spectacles, has a charming message that captures in one of his songs The beauty it is inside. It is clear than in our epoch, in which it dominates the consumerism to any machine and the cult to the image, the theory of the interior beauty that was already pointing
February, 2008
Now when we are on the point of discovering the fashion spring - summer, now when it seems that the fever of the reductions has gone down a little, it is perhaps a good moment to stop to think more slowly about the phenomenon of the fashion.
January, 2008
They have paraded the footbridges of the latter months much more than the new collections 2008. The debate on the woman's model that some designers propose has caught fire for a provocative image of a campaign against the anorexia led by a model who suffers the illness …
December, 2007
Everything already breathes Christmas airs. Lights and garlands of colors, births, shop windows that adorn themselves... That's why he wants to wish you first of all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS. In Madrid, the fashion has committed itself with this festive and tender face of the Christmas and the designers have taken part with his fantasy to extoll the most significant and affectionate holiday of the calendar. Last year Agatha Ruíz de la Prada designed the drawings that formed the Christmas lights of some streets and this year Juan Duyos has helped with his smilers, stars and hearts to surround with tenderness and affectionate sense the holidays.
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