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For: Angel Burguera
Writers, journalists and directors of mass media begin to look with disappointment at the vulgarization of the image that some publications offer. Several voices, between them that of the British Association of Women journalists, have raised his criticism to point out the coherence absence of this treatment with the so called “feminist achievements that”, only three decades ago, they were auguring a new stage for the women.
The protests have been growing in the last two years. What has happened with the good faith and the optimism of the feminists of the 70s?, Rosie Boycott was wondering from the newspaper The Guardian. The magazines for adolescents and young people are deeply sexist and only they center on the image and the physical attraction denounces while rid
April, 2008
Today, many people still believe that the fashion is something with what they come across every day of accidental form. They think that the fleetingness of the tendencies turns them into superficial realities and little (or not at all) influential. But thanks to the negligence of the tradition, the fashion is beginning occupying the leading role that deserves because it affects to an essential anthropological question: our identity.
March, 2008
In one of the letters published recently in our magazine, Maria Suárez Pérez, a student of journalism of 18 years, was asking us in a next number of to speak on what also it must be considered to be “a beauty“ in a wider sense because the essential of a woman his appearance is not only. Today we do it from this Opinion section.
February, 2008
Now when we are on the point of discovering the fashion spring - summer, now when it seems that the fever of the reductions has gone down a little, it is perhaps a good moment to stop to think more slowly about the phenomenon of the fashion.
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