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For: Josefina Figueras
Everything already breathes Christmas airs. Lights and garlands of colors, births, shop windows that adorn themselves... That's why he wants to wish you first of all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS. In Madrid, the fashion has committed itself with this festive and tender face of the Christmas and the designers have taken part with his fantasy to extoll the most significant and affectionate holiday of the calendar. Last year Agatha Ruíz de la Prada designed the drawings that formed the Christmas lights of some streets and this year Juan Duyos has helped with his smilers, stars and hearts to surround with tenderness and affectionate sense the holidays.
Christmas is a season that does us to all a little better and with desire of making the others happier. That's why it is a gifts time. And we already know that the importance of the gift is not both in his material value and in the opportunity, the wise move or the fondness with which it has been done. That's why, from, we suggest all
November, 2007
Why has the fashion always had a feminine point of view although most of the numbers one of the international fashion continue being men? A personage so experienced on these questions like John Fairchild, the publishing director of “Women's Wear Daily", was answering this question saying that everything creative one needs a muse, a woman by whom being inspired. Because the common sense, the "feeling" of what she demands in every moment is basic for the success of one models or of a collection.
October, 2007
The habit does not do the monk but the language yes because it denotes immediately the personal style and the level of refinement of the person. Unfortunately a bad understood sense of the freedom is identifying the feminine emancipation with the uninhibited tone, with the aggressive behavior and with speaking torn open.
September, 2007
Until point the fashion can fulfill the proper functions of the tradition, in particular, the function to indicate a north that should allow to preserve the proper identity? Does it imply the step to a modern society, with his apparent replacement of the tradition for the fashion, the irrevocable loss of the identity, as if of the identity it was depending essentially on the tradition?
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