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For: José F. Serra
The overcoat manages epatar to all his substitutes to be the indisputable winter king again. It signs up to the new proportions and volumes and does not avoid the most chic details not more bold that it marks the fashion. The most classic textiles or the most avant-garde fibres turn into his Allied Forces. Everything joins to give a new look to the overcoats 2010, capable of defying any climate change.
The new proportions that reign in the fashion show us overcoats with clear influence of the 80s but with the thinnest and sharp-pointed shoulder pads than in this decade that so much weighs in the tendencies of this year. The sleeves are more wide and the waist is marked by accurate cuts or by an elegant belt. A triumphal comeback that entu
September, 2009
A few classicism features have slipped in in the fashion autumn - winter, but they have not managed to displace the barroquismo inherited of the 80s with which they have had to compromise. Both coexist in a series of tendencies that do not suppose a rupture with the previous period but a moderate continuation. If we add a few touches to this years 40 we will have summed up what provides to us a new fashion that insists on the leading role of the black, it chooses the superlong boots, the pants cigaret, the romantic white blouses and the jackets over-side: Attention to the tendencies that they order!
July, 2009
Although in summer one says good-bye to the suit and to the tie, it is not necessary to forget the chance elegance of a balanced outfit. In the masculine fashion of the most warm months of the year, they emphasize the streaks and the citric tones and navy, the whole scale of the targets and raw ones and the colors inspired by the nature. But, over everything, the monochrome "looks" are the last thing. The signature Emidio Tucci, and the collection Studio Classics for El Corte Ingles, they offer several ideas of this tendency.
June, 2009
The thermometer rises and we are on the point of giving the welcome to the summer. There approach days of beach and of swimming pool and it is necessary to be right with the suitable look. The swimsuit appears in the best footbridges and the designers struggle to impregnate it with the last proposals of the fashion. The accessories also count and the pareos, mini-garments to game, the caftans and loose blouses conspire so that you find your own style. Quite with the fresh and modern air of a plethoric summer of water and of the sun.
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