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For: Gabriela Fockt
From the year 1998 Nicolás Ghesquière is the Balenciaga artistic director. In the last periods he has been able to demonstrate more than never that, respecting the essential lines of the teacher, it is possible to give a magnificent lesson of modern elegance. Ghesquière has turned out to be elevated in the first line of the big gurus of the current fashion. In his collection pret-a-porter autumn - winter has handled with mastery symbols and multicultural colors.
His biggest achievement in the collection otoo-winter is in the coherence of his creations and simultaneously in his absence of precepts or attitudes that could rub the imposition. Ghesquire wants that all the women find his opportunity and offers them a heap of possibilities. He has looked for his basic inspiration in multiple references cul
September, 2007
A feminine and favoring fashion there are the distinctive notes of the fashion of Carmen March that, in his collection for autumn I hibernate, it has been inspired in the big Spanish painters to offer us a few models of an exquisite beauty. The woman that we see in the linens of Goya, Zuloaga, The Greek one and Sorolla come alive in his models those who can give, inside the stamp of the different epochs, a proper stamp and a well studied contemporaneity.
July / ago 2007
His fashion includes every time new horizons and this year, 25 anniversary of his incursion in the world of the fashion, has given place to several events. The retrospective exhibitions of Agatha that had already circulated along several cities have turned into real events to his step along Barcelona and along Burgos where it has received an affectionate homage of his companions.
June, 2007
The from Bilbao designer who has confirmed his successes again in the Footbridge Cibeles has decided in favor for this period spring - summer of a collection in which the fantasy is mixed and the sophistication with a perfect interpretation of the volumes In his designs appreciates the impact of the color and the originality of a few patterns that gather facets of the art and the nature.
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