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For: Josefina Figueras
His collection spring - summer 2009 shows us some of his invariable signs of identity: oriental influence and simplicity of lines that border sometimes on the architectural thing. Pero del Pozo continues in this idea that there reflect the collections of his last years of doing a fashion more commercial that supports a major tuning with an urban, active and cosmopolitan woman without resigning for it from his fits of creative intuition and from his fantasy of high voltage.
The textiles étereos like the gazar and the muslin together with the colors effects I degraded and iridescent they give to the collection a tone of big agility, and of fluid elegance. The coloring continues this game: target, siena, gray pearl, green water and citric tones. Colors that seem to retain the spring light and that invite to enjoy of
January, 2009
Elegance joined the abstinence. Sophistication with reminiscences of the best Armani Privé. Lines without shrillness that draw feminine silhouettes with androgynous touches and rich textiles. The collection for the young woman in this winter 08/09 of Center Armani appeared in Milan. And Milan vibrated again before his genius.
December, 2008
The fashion of Elio Berhanyer continues his impassive trajectory before the passage of time. In his creative baggage they represent more than hundred collections in which, today like yesterday, they dominate the classic style and the good one to do that they were making him famous, prepared with constant fits of innovation and of fantasy. His most spectacular models rhyme very well with the gale of holidays that approach … Elio bets for a type of cosmopolitan elegance, always at the edge of the High fashion, which has taken shape once again in his collections of this year.
November, 2008
The garments are the strong point of the collection of Ángel Schlesser. They are of a rich and elaborated construction with volumes supported for drapeados, creases, silhouettes egg, with necklines to the box and some discreet frills. The clothes that the diseañdor santanderino presents for the autumn - winter 2008-09 the women will like once again that they want to go well dressed and with a sure elegance without paying too much the attention. There are the clothes that does not serve only to admire but all would like having in our closet.
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