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For: Paula Gárgoles
Ion Fiz, the from Bilbao designer who is praised by an elegant and avant-garde glamor, has appealed to the ecology for his collection spring - summer 2010. His good finished tailoring pledges have been made by waxed silks, ecological cottons and sateen with vegetable strips. But his principal inspiration source has been the water that has taken shape in his coloring and in his patterns. In this interview he speaks to us about his last collection that Watercolour has called.
His new collection is based on the water. What has the water that seems so interesting to him? The water has everything, without her there is no life, and we are provided every time with less water, so the homage is very fully deserved. It seems very interesting to me that we all become aware really with the big problem that it is possible to cause using it badly. Ag
November, 2009
To obtain the difficult balance between design and management has been one of the keys of the success of Kina Fernández. It is defined if the same as a person who likes living intensely, much worker, unconformist and who always wants to come to more. It is in the orbit of the Galician designers who so much weigh in the Spanish fashion. His designs, which look for a classic elegance, with creative and refined details, draw deeply into the current woman.
October, 2009
His study - workshop of Madrid is located in the Arapiles quarter. A wide, place sober and functional, crammed with hangers with all kinds clothes. It receives me with sports outfit and aspect rested after the holidays, calm despite being on the edge of the Footbridge Cibeles, where one more period has presented collection.
September, 2009
Between the innovations of the Cibeles of this period the return is to the Footbridge of Adolfo Dominguez after 10 years of absence. The Galician designer returns so to the platform where it found his successes in the 80s and 90s. His magic phrase “the wrinkle is beautiful” it is one of those that a major popularity has reached in the Spanish fashion. The whole generacoón was raised to the car of this slogan that universal being has obtained. The Footbridge, in his 50 edition, recovers this way a designer who was capable of modifying the esthetics of dressing creating a fashion desestructurada and at large that looks first of all for a beauty ideal.
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