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For: Montserrat Bros
Teresa Helbig gives the jump to the capital for a few days – without leaving his workshop of Barcelona, city that elevated it - to parade in Cibeles. The footbridge of Madrid will be a witness of his good taste, finished perfect and an exquisite laboriousness. Woody Allen realized already it when there rolled Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona; and it dressed his actresses in the designs created by Helbig. Nearby and the nicest he speaks to us about this new opportunity.
Why did you decide to go to Cibeles? For us the Spanish market is very important and we believe that from Madrid we will have a better access and major aftereffect. Cibeles also means a recognition to our work. And do you already will not parade again in Barcelona? We do not discard it. We are very grateful to 080 Barcel
January, 2010
It takes almost twenty years as director of contests in Fair of Madrid and, from 1998, like person in charge of one of the most important fashionable international fairs of Europe, the SIMM. A year, it deals straight with seven fairs related to the design, semi-annual someone. Hard-working and tireless woman - like good Galician - tells us the innovations of this year in SIMM, which renews his offer and shop window.
December, 2009
Ion Fiz, the from Bilbao designer who is praised by an elegant and avant-garde glamor, has appealed to the ecology for his collection spring - summer 2010. His good finished tailoring pledges have been made by waxed silks, ecological cottons and sateen with vegetable strips. But his principal inspiration source has been the water that has taken shape in his coloring and in his patterns. In this interview he speaks to us about his last collection that Watercolour has called.
November, 2009
To obtain the difficult balance between design and management has been one of the keys of the success of Kina Fernández. It is defined if the same as a person who likes living intensely, much worker, unconformist and who always wants to come to more. It is in the orbit of the Galician designers who so much weigh in the Spanish fashion. His designs, which look for a classic elegance, with creative and refined details, draw deeply into the current woman.
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