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For: Mercedes Álvarez
A luxurious, favoring collection, which plays with the contrasts sheen / mate and breadth / strait. The Venezuelan designer is the whole teacher as for the election of textures and the combination of colors in his proposal for the winter period.
The real leading role of the collection of Carolina Herrera presented for autumn - winter it relapses into the textile, which marked the personality of every design. The patterns in jacquard, brocade, the applications of flowers and sheets embroidered with the skill fils coupé on organza, the laces on silk velvet, the brilliant filigrees and
October, 2009
The proposals of Louis Vuitton for this autumn - winter look at the end of the 80. Revising those fashionable magazines of 20 years ago, we discover the same pompous and theatrical silhouettes updated today to the taste of the XXIst century.
September, 2009
The collection for this autumn / winter of Pedro del Hierro is the consequence of a general look of the fashion towards the past, without losing this touch of elegance that characterizes all his proposals: impeccable court, favoring silhouettes, comfortable textiles. This time the retro-futurism (those pledges that formerly we were thinking that we would shine in the future) triumphs in a very feminine collection of pronounced structures.
July, 2009
An ingenuous romanticism with chic touches presides at the collection of Alma Aguilar. It offers us a summer dominated by the diaphanous and calm elegance of the white color, the happiness of the patterns and the sheen of the spangles. A young collection in which the long and short garments, the monkeys and the fluid blouses are his authentic protagonists. The designer moves us once again to a serene and coloristic world with his way of seeing the very personal fashion.
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