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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
“Spain occupies one of the first places in the fashion for children”. Pepa Ortiz goes in the infantile fashion from the year 67, she is an expert in the textile industry and in the management of contests that take the child as a protagonist.
Pepa Ortiz, with 27 aos at the head of FIMI, knows - and very much - on what it takes between hands; a woman who has achieved that FIMI and the textile industry espaola are an international modality. In the latter aos, it has achieved that FIMI is defined as an international, dynamic, and essential lounge not only how
March, 2007
Antonio Pernas is one of the makers of the Spanish quality prêt-à-porter your style minimalista, that resembles Donut Karan or Calvin Klein, keeps on triumphing in our footbridges. His friends say of him that Antonio Pernas, man and tag, are a luxury. Although he does not like speaking about himself, it allows to be interrogated and to we allow to discover better his figure and his work.
December, 2006
This month we are going to meet a little better Elio Berhanyer, who led the best moments of the Spanish High fashion with international projection and it has continued on the foot of the cannon with his creativity and his good one always to do to point.
November, 2006
His concept of the fashion starts of a bet for the personality of every woman. Purification García, this designer of shy aspect and sober gestures, is sure that every woman is the only and unrepeatable at the time of looking for her own style.
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