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For: Maria Candela
It has obtained important awards as the T of Telva, the Prix of the Fashion Marie Claire or the Award Woman to the best designer. Miguel Palacio has dressed some of the most envied fiancées in our country like Laura Ponte or Rosario Domecq (wife of the toreador The Juli). His principal target is to be over the tendencies that are imposed in every moment and his weapon to achieve it is an elegant design, the impeccable finished some and a deep knowledge of the seam.
Was his dedication to the fashion a clear vocation or did it come so far by chance? In my case it was a clear vocation. I have never considered to do another thing. I finished the school, then I studied Right, but while he was studying Right it already had the clearest that what I liked and was attracting myself it was the fashion. Vocational whole. You said that for ap
January, 2008
It is considered to be one of the most solid young values of the Spanish fashion. Alma Aguilar, this designer of simple dealing and natural aspect, will parade next month in the Footbridge Cibeles in an individual pass, a privilege that only the most emblematic creators have. Hippie - elegance prepares soul now his new collection that she qualifies of “romantic and feminine inside a style”
December, 2007
“The design sometimes, it takes a way parallel to the fashion, sometimes they do not touch and when this happens we bet for the design.” It is a thought that there was doing to himself aloud Modesto Lomba, designer with a brilliant career that began his professional journey in the year 86 in Vitoria. With his technician's designing title it joined the architect Luis Devota to create the signature Devota&Lomba, a name that has remained in spite of the premature death of Luis.
November, 2007
His collection in Cibeles for the spring - summer 2008 has continued the keynote of an unbreakable admiration for the High fashion and his most emblematic names. Good-looking Olive Juanjo for a chic woman whom it could offer all the springs of his creative personality. In Cibeles his exits triumphed this year in black of an exquisite elegance, his elaborate geometry and his bold chromatic games in green and in rose.
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