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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Favorite disciple of sculptor Eduardo Chillida, of whom he went so far as to say: "Koldobika Jauregui has something that is necessary in this country, his work is powerful and strong; strong, rapid and constructive”, the Basque sculptor has presented wide and different jewels relation in the gallery of Madrid Contemporary art.
Necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, earrings all this in silver and gold, in an entire parallelism with the engravings and that hang in the wall, where it re-shows the golden bread. His wife is the goldsmith of his designs. Old or dull silver on which they emphasize the drawings in gold, with abstract forms that approach floral elements, moons, and
December, 2009
" The fashion has begun to be part of the popular culture and it is recognized by his enormous social influence" Josefina Figueras says in the prologue of "Fashion and Values. The challenge of the new thing". This book recently published by University International Editions, demonstrates that the fashion enjoys good health, in spite of his ephemeral life and that it has a lot of more substance of the one that sometimes is recognized after him.
November, 2009
A tall, thin, modern, rather sophisticated woman, is the image that there detach the illustrations of Arturo Helen (Teruel, 1957), which are exhibited in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid, owing to the celebration of his 25 years of work. Fifty two pieces in view of the spectators, in which there are appreciated good drawer's talent as well as his big sense of the color and of the style. The illustrator has worked for different fashionable designers like Roberto Verino, Victorio and Lucchino, Loëwe, The Extreme Collection, Lemóniez, Rio Dayne and Custo Barcelona. Proper Arturo Helen has been the commissioner of the sample.
October, 2009
For the public in general Anna Wintour, the powerful publisher of the magazine Vogue, is not a stranger. It has a face: that of fierce Miranda Priestley, personified by Meryl Streep in “The devil dresses himself of Prada”. The most powerful woman of the world of fashionable edition was the bad one of the movie. Now he is once again a protagonist of a documentary that penetrates day by day of a fashionable writing again.
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