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For: Gabriela Fockt
His collection spring - summer is a singing to the nostalgia. Valentino has disregarded this time of his color fetish, the red one, to submerge in a fashion in which the target is the big protagonist. It has extolled again the color that in 1968, in a Roman room also half note, gave him his first big victory.
When in June, 2004 Valentino was in Madrid to gather his Trophy The golden needle, in the Museum of the Suit they were exhibited by big deployment, some red suits that have always been them be of identity of the couturier. But his collection spring - summer 2007 presented in the Gallery Anne de Villepoix of Paris, has gone for other der
March, 2007
The collection prêt-à-porter Spring - summer of Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer settled down in New York, moves inside his peculiar elegance and in his slope more llevable and urban.
January, 2007
The collection autumn - winter presented in Cibeles for this santanderino that left the legal profession for the fashion, continues in the cánones of its own style. Ángel Schlesser is a designer who looks more for the functionality that the impact and his models contribute a stamp of modernity and good taste to the basic and elementary pledges that every woman thinks about how to have in his closet.
December, 2006
Let's see a Miguel Palacio bet for a way of dressing elegant and urban that speaks to the one who can appreciate the well made pledges and demands quality.
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