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For: Josefina Figueras
He feels a big fondness for Spain and especially for Madrid, where it gave his first steps in the world of the fashion. Oscar de la Renta has been nominated an honorary member of the “Creators' Association of the fashion of Spain”. In the homage lunch several Spanish designers were around him and we were also some journalists that we have been lucky to have supported with a cordial contact and of having gathered, in different moments, his ideas on the fashion and on his exciting trajectory.
Madrid has been the first point of his European landing. It has inaugurated in the quarter of Salamanca his the first boutique in Europe to those who will continue, before the year finishes, those of Athens and Moscow. The designer born in the Dominican Republic, has the head office of his company in the Seventh Avenue of New York and his collections distribu
October, 2008
He is neither a journalist nor professional of the design nor proprietor of a luxurious multinational. He is a philosopher. A "thinker" the one that likes stopping and theorizing – "to lead then to the practical life", he affirms - on the phenomenon of the fashion, his entroncamiento with the culture, his relation with the beauty and the dignity of the person, with the uses and social customs. Alfredo Cruz Prados is a speaker invited in I International Congress of Fashion (CIM2008) that organized by the Association Fashion, University and Company (AMUE) and the Top Center of Design of Fashion of Madrid (CSDMM), will take place in the Museum of the Suit from October 22 until next October 24.
September, 2008
In his first parade alone Ann Locking gained the award to the best Cibeles collection for autumn - winter. A risky collection of an intense black but with iridescent textiles, pedrerías and brilliant effects. She is a designer of wide records much, compromised with the art and the culture. Now it has in portfolio to take part in the First International Congress of Fashion that will be celebrated in Madrid in October. It will be part of a Round table on a topic that she knows well “The promotion and fashionable diffusion”.
July, 2008
We would define his style as chic, adjective that is joined to good taste, finished perfect and an exquisite laboriousness. In the garments of his clothes rack there make frills out, gasas, bonds, pens - unthinkable in a common closet - with a predominance of the colors cake, the white person and the black. Teresa Helbig, the designer that Barcelona 080 has triumphed extensively in the Footbridge, does not dress completely of black not with a slovenly look, but cigaret usually combines any of his minigarments with jeans, and for a special occasion he prefers the very high heels and his hyperfeminine garments.
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