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For: Josefina Figueras
The Christmas is felt in the air, in the faces and in the streets, that's why way is made more easily the small but good news that depart from the intimate stronghold of the feelings. For example... the last reports point out that, for the crisis, the Spanish have decided to cut away all the chapters of his expenses: except one! that of the gifts! and there will wear out in them 16 % more than last year. It is clear that before these holidays of spiritual soaked depth the whole world is ready to extract afloat his good heart. There are days for the love, the renewal and the innovation. Happy Christmas!
It is logical that the news that extoll the Christmas is to the agenda. From the world of the art there comes to us the echo of the premiere of the cinematographic version of Story of Christmas the work written by Carlos Dickens in 1843 who reports a charming Christmas miracle that has thrilled the people of several generations. In her m tells itself the change
November, 2009
Important news! The book has gone out to the light “FASHION AND VALUES. The challenge of the new thing” that gathers several topics appeared in our magazine along his existence. It is a question of one "Face to face" with interviews and testimonies of the first figures of the fashion and “25 points of view”, articles about Opinion prepared by journalists and collaborating writers of The book is dedicated especially to all the subscribers and friends that you follow us, month a month, across the magazine. Do acquire it. You will like!
October, 2009
There is no doubt that the way of dressing is the language of the body and an expression of the spirit that it is necessary to adapt to the different epochs and circumstances. But: do a few "laws of the game" exist? In this fashion full of lines and varied and contradictory styles that we have seen once again in the collections: are there any norms that come out of the tendencies of the moment to settle in the world of the good manners, of the opportunity or of the respect?
September, 2009
The shade of the crisis has penetrated: how not? in the world of the fashion … but there have arisen voices of those who believe in the enormous power of the creativity and the work to frighten the bad auguries. The big ones of the High fashion of Paris have tried desdibujar the bogey of the crisis exceeding sumptuousness and coming to his most spectacular and creative resources to demonstrate that the crisis does not go with them. Will they have obtained it? At the moment we have at sight his illusion and his courage.
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