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For: Ann Sánchez of the Granddaughter
For the public in general Anna Wintour, the powerful publisher of the magazine Vogue, is not a stranger. It has a face: that of fierce Miranda Priestley, personified by Meryl Streep in “The devil dresses himself of Prada”. The most powerful woman of the world of fashionable edition was the bad one of the movie. Now he is once again a protagonist of a documentary that penetrates day by day of a fashionable writing again.
Three years later, R.J. Cutler a tanned documentary maker who till now had dived especially in the world of the politics - returns on the Wintour person with redemption desire but without any revenge slight sign. And test of it is his intelligent starter. September issue starts by showing a reality very similar to the one that it reflects
September, 2009
“It is not necessary to get scared in crisis times”, supports the designer Laura Márquez. “Happiness, rhythm, color, originality and exclusive design” they give good rule to his jewels for clients in difficult times. The designer of Madrid who has his flirtatious jewelry shop in the street San Bernardo feels proud of that every time they are more those who come to her so that he designs a special jewel to them of asked, of anniversary or of commemoration.
July, 2009
The Museum of the Suit presents hundred pieces of his collection to cover the development of the fashion of the XXth century. The figure of Worth - deceased in 1895 - whom Doucet, Paquin, Poiret followed and others, they were the pioneers of a creativity in the fashion, at the time that a new marketing sense was born. There are haughty pieces as the garments of Patou, Elsa Schiaparelli or Emilio Pucci. The exhibition will extend until January, 2010.
June, 2009
With the collaboration of the Museum Internazionale della Calzatura “Pietro Bertolini“ of Vigevano of Italy, the Department of Culture has mounted in the Museum of the Suit a sample on the seductive stiletto, the stiletto, the top shoe, which has been 50 years of history. Born in 1940, when Christian Dior presented his famous collection New Look, the stiletto became famous between the women and his social echo, at the time that it was affecting to the spine of the checkers that were showing it. A luxury that ends up by spending invoice.
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