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For: Sonia Sbolzani
It is the postmodern thing, beauty, and you cannot do anything on this matter! The famous phrase of Humphrey Bogart has escaped from me in the movie “The last threat“ to introduce the topic of up to where there has come, at present, the fashion as reflex of the convulsions of our society. Volume borrowed the sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky a few words to define the fashion: "A way of perpetuating a mythical way of thinking in the heart of the cultures mercantilists and desacralizadas“. But does it stay yet a little of mythical in the today fashion?
Fortunately, the answer is affirmative and the merit is ours, of the Italians, that often we can understand the esthetic frame of mind and, especially, the importance of the theoretical and cultural aspects that are behind the spectacular nature of the fashion, for many considered the only magnet of this big industry. For years algu
May, 2009
The information about a next "transfer" of the Museum of the Suit of Madrid to the future National Center of the Fashion placed in the Slaughterhouse, caused a big stupor between the lovers of the fashion. If it is considered to be the distance that was measuring between 17.000 square meters of the current Museum the 4.000 that try to be enabled in the Slaughterhouse, more that of transfer it is necessary to speak about dismantling or at least about dismemberment. During the last months they have tried to look for logical solutions but the Commission of Culture of the Senate has just pushed any alternative back. Awful news for the fashion.
April, 2009
What takes? It is the question that they rise invariably to the professionals of the information about the fashionable collections. A question difficult to answer since he has installed in the fashion the empire to himself of “everything costs”: how to say to the interested friend that the pale colors take if in the following collection that the means review it is said that what comes there are the tones vitamínicos or the colors Parcheesi: how to say to him that the long skirts take if later other designers present mini or skirts to evenness of the knee?
March, 2009
The farewell of Barcelona of the fashionable fair "Bread and Butter" has propitiated a wide debate and up to a "buried war" between different agencies of communication that foresee the urgent need to do another of integration lounge that fills the gap that has created the "stampede" of the German fair. If it should be be the final score we would think that "every cloud has a silver lining" whenever they look for more attentive formulae to the value of the industry of the fashion that in satisfying political interests that have eroded the image of Barcelona as fashionable modality.
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