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For: Montserrat Bros
We would define his style as chic, adjective that is joined to good taste, finished perfect and an exquisite laboriousness. In the garments of his clothes rack there make frills out, gasas, bonds, pens - unthinkable in a common closet - with a predominance of the colors cake, the white person and the black. Teresa Helbig, the designer that Barcelona 080 has triumphed extensively in the Footbridge, does not dress completely of black not with a slovenly look, but cigaret usually combines any of his minigarments with jeans, and for a special occasion he prefers the very high heels and his hyperfeminine garments.
Along the interview for, Teresa, always nearby and the nicest, speaks about his signature in plural and it never brings together the First Person Singular, because every pledge is the result of a work in team. When did you decide to penetrate into the world of the fashion? I started in the world of mo
June, 2008
Miriam Ocáriz, this from Bilbao designer who became famous with the graphic patterns and the bonds, is considered to be one of firmer values of the Spanish fashion. He has spoken with on his collection for the next period autumn - winter presented in Cibeles where we are dressed in style lady, the predominance of the gray and the pink petal. The strong note was in the handling of the volumes creating vaporous garments or masculine overcoats with a coquettish bond behind.
May, 2008
“Occasionally it is convenient to reflect on the fashion, to stop, to look around and to look for him at one himself”: Enrique Loewe is the visible face of one of the companies leaders in fashion and luxurious complements, which it began with a small leather factory in Madrid in the middle of the XIXth century. The signature Loewe is synonymous of good taste, elegance, distinction and well made work. At present, Enrique Loewe, grandson of the founder of the mark, is the President of the Foundation Loewe, which supports a firm commitment with the culture. The Foundation that takes his name devotes itself to the artistic promotion of poets, sponsors the world of the dance and supports the cultural aspects of the design and the art connected with the fashion.
April, 2008
His presentation in the Footbridge Cibeles has been received by critical enthusiasts. Lydia Delgado has conquered once again with a collection intimist and romantic in whom classic bosses are mixed with the most avant-garde tendencies. With a style and a few features that have led many people to comparing it with Audrey Hepburn, this designer who confesses to have a strong and rebellious character, one transmits with his clothes big love for the beautiful things, a big dose of poetry.
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