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Enrique Loewe
Ann Locking
Maria León
Next January 27 at 8 p.m. in Cultural Association Zayas of Madrid (Street Reigns of Vergara 40) the presentation of the book will take place “Fashion and values. The challenge of the new thing” a production of the association “Fashion, University and Company” publisher of The authoress is Josefina Figueras together with several editors and collaborators of our magazine. The presentation will run in charge of 3 experts inside the world of the fashion from very diverse areas, which appear between the interviewees in the first part of the book:Enrique Loewe, Ann Locking and Maria León

Enrique Loewe is the President of the Foundation Loewe and Adviser of the Association “Fashion, University and Company”. He was the President of the Scientific Committee of the First International Congress of Fashion celebrated in Madrid “The fashion is an external declaration of an internal, much deeper and more interesting phenomenon related to the behavior: the values” – he says in the interview.

Ann Locking, a designer of wide records much compromised with the art and the culture, has taken part in different activities of the association “Fashion, University and Company” and it was a speaker in the first International Congress of Fashion. In the book we can find several his very interesting opinions “The designer cannot be a self-centered being but it must be generous, overturned outside. Any creative process has to give and has to gather” he explains.

Maria León is a director of Communication of Pedro del Hierro. Much known of the readership of across his blog in our magazine that initiated in March, 2008. It was precisely in the presentation of his blog when he answered the questions of the interview that we publish in the book. “I would never advise any person against his tastes or his style - afirma-hay to adapt the elegance like belonging to each one.”
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