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Donna Karan
Donna Karan
Donna Karan
Donna Karan
Donna Karan
Inside the swell of intense tones that devastate the fashion of this period the collection of Donna Karan, with his soft tones, it is like a serenity oasis. This designer, the real queen of the fashion neoyorkina, tilts between the European elegance and the sports comfort of the American fashion. His inspiration source is the city of New York and in his creations it personifies what it loves of this city: his modernity, his energy and his cosmopolitan and open spirit.
In his collection for spring - summer 2008 Donna Karan has resorted once again to his easy, versatile style and cool. His fashion is directed to a real woman. Desmarcándose of the intense coloration of the period has presented his models in tones sand, raw, gray silver and beige makeup. They emphasize the garments with wide skirts, with the waist in his place that there bring to us in some moments fits of the new look of Christian Dior or the style that Grace Kelly popularized in the 50s, but with a personal and completely contemporary stamp.

They dominate in the panorama of the collection the asymmetric necklines, the quiet ones, the shoulders to the air and the wide sleeves. His favorite textiles are the linen, the cotton and the denim that he uses for his most urban suits. For the night he looks for the agility of the organza and the tulle sometimes with handmade embroideries or applied flowers. We see once again his reinvented outstanding figures period after period and the style shirtmaker and dynamic much adapted for an executive and cosmopolitan woman.

For the day it shows with preference leather accessories. Between them the king is the belt, wide but without coming to the dimensions of the corseletes, made especially of leather or raffia and following the keynote of gentleness of his coloring. For the night it resorts to some brilliant details and to the contrast of the gray and the gold revalued by the sheen of the sateen.

It is not strange that Donna Karan has received the appointment of “Woman of the year” of the magazine Glamor in his 18 annual edition celebrated in a multitudinous holiday give Avery Fisher Hall of Lincoln Center of New York. His American companions celebrated this appointment that they considered to be entirely a deserts. The trajectory of this designer has been always ascending and without fissures since in 1989, and with the desire to dress his daughter, it was initiating his designs looking first perfect jean and later the most ultrafeminine facet of the American comfort.

Donna Karan thinks that the fashion must be a personal expression in which different styles and options fit: "The most glorious epoch of the fashion – he thinks - is the current one because we are capable of choosing the best of the stages that have preceded us. Now only it is interesting to us to express the individuality”.
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