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For: Paula Gárgoles
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz
Ion Fiz, the from Bilbao designer who is praised by an elegant and avant-garde glamor, has appealed to the ecology for his collection spring - summer 2010. His good finished tailoring pledges have been made by waxed silks, ecological cottons and sateen with vegetable strips. But his principal inspiration source has been the water that has taken shape in his coloring and in his patterns. In this interview he speaks to us about his last collection that Watercolour has called.
His new collection is based on the water. What has the water that seems so interesting to him?
The water has everything, without her there is no life, and we are provided every time with less water, so the homage is very fully deserved. It seems very interesting to me that we all become aware really with the big problem that it is possible to cause using it badly. The water is a valued good.

He says that he felt dizziness between the new collection and all his previous ones: How did it overcome it?
The dizziness is excelling itself little by little until it disappears and you create a collection and other one and other one... I take already 8 years at the head of my signature non-stop of working and have realized 16 collections, but the water has helped me to overcome it very much because this collection has been clean, pure, elegant and very well realized. I have liked to use the concept of the water to design, I recommend it really.

What connection is there between the water and the tailoring?
The two work of a fluid, pure form, of perfect lines. The tailoring must be perfect so that it feels good, the same happens to him to the water, it must be pure and cleans, crystalline like the boss of a tailor's good jacket, in case of my collection, 42 suits that compose it. Also the whole collection is of clear colors with transparent textiles joined a comfortable tailoring, desestructurada and relaxed.

Has he wanted to go to the sea or prefers a more domestic water?
The sweet and the salty one excite two waters to me. The sweet for the inspiration of the day collection and that of sea for the darkest night collection. I have taken two waters and have created a mix so that the result is a collection much Ion Fiz, that is to say, eclectic and ready to go.

Is it much made aware by the environment?
If, by one hundred per cent. From the packings and bundles that I consume, up to the food and his origin. It is necessary that we all become aware with the environment to brake this big problem and to have more quality in every respect: to recycle well, to support the clean seas, not to use toxicants not plastic.

What does he try to communicate with the use of the ecological materials?
They are material that do not damage the environment, that in spite of being expensive, they are better and take care up to our skin. I have used a knitwear with milk proteins for the skin. It is possible to do fashion with quality and without losing sophistication with ecological new textiles because it is necessary to take care and to support the planet.

What are his projects?
To look and to work increasingly with ecological textiles, of natural dyes, to investigate and not to damage very much to the planet. Also I am already being employed at the collection hibernate 2010/11, the underwear collection woman, the glasses collection Ion Fiz, the collection fiancées to measurement and many things more that they are going to come and I cannot count.

Why do not you want to move of his ground?
I live between Bilbao and Madrid and lately more in Madrid and travel constantly to Paris, London. In fact, my following step to be given is to settle in Madrid, I need it there are epochs, processes … When you have left a city or place very small it is necessary to change.

What is the designer whose footbridge you do not lose?
That of Ann Locking, whom I adore, Miriam Ocariz, Miguel Palacio, Amaya Arzuaga, Alvarado, The Horse, Macqueen, Nina Ricci, Hermes and many other. Whenever I can I come to the parades of my friendly designers to support them.

It has paraded in Mexico and has taken part in “him show room” of Paris: Does it want to be thrown to the international fashion?
Clear that I want, I hope there is luck and some day I can parade out. For the time being I have paraded in Mexico and have been in Showroom Paris 2 years, but now it has me to center my signature in Spain and
little by little to sell out also because we do not forget that the fashion is international.

How is the global economic crisis living through Ion Fiz?
Like all the rest, confronting problems constantly, working very much, doing thousands of things and struggling to 200 % to overcome it.

What would you like saying to a designer before the crisis?
That there will come better times meanwhile to be lived and to be happy working and giving everything what we have, this way it will be evident less and we will be strong.

Will the fashion help us to go out?
Yes, skylight that yes, there are cycles, but the fashion is always essential in all the decades and in all the crises.

Does he believe that the fashion is related to the happiness?
Very much, it is a leakage route to the problems, the fashion is a magic, illusion, innovation. To fill and to surround us with beauty is a happiness, happiness.

Is it this one a good moment for restate the industry of the fashion in Spain?
Not if it is a good moment so that support begins to exist more and create more industry and promotion of the Spanish fashion, it would be necessary to be now that it is when more we need it.

Do you consider a lucky or very hard-working designer?
2 things are joined: work, discipline, creativity, luck, hazard, everything together one.
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