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For: Paula Gárgoles
East has occupied the center of VII Congress of Fashion of the University of Navarre. The call has appeared under the title «East and Occident: the fashion, synthesis of cultures». Before the giant of China and of the India, experts of different areas have reflected about the influence that it can have in the fashion.
In his intervention in the Congress from the managerial perspective, Yolanda Serrer, teacher of the IESE, contributed information about the luxurious shops that they have embarked in East. There were very interesting the numbers of the money that the oriental ones were spending in clothes in Europe. In the congress we all could see a photo of a shop of Louis Vuitton in Beijing, that she took weeks herself behind, in that a tail of the people was appearing. For example there are more than 300.000 Chinese who are millionaire and who consume many fashion and this number is on the increase. For all these fashionable claimants, the companies must be prepared. The teacher of the IESE, threw a very positive message with which all the problems must appear like challenges.

In a round table on the production there was emphasized the deslocalización that exists in the textile sector, which does that it is designed in Europe but one makes in Asia. There were present Antonio Abril, Secretary of the Council of Administration of Inditex, who worried about clarifying very much that Inditex is a company made aware in the Corporate Social responsibility. They have done a code of conduct, which prohibits the infantile work, the development of the workpeople and the days without rest. To make sure that in each of the workshops fulfill the minimal requisites, there are observers who devote themselves to visit to the workshops where the clothes are made and it is to examine if they expire with the norms. In fact, last year they stopped working with 104 workshops that do not respect the basic norms.

Annie Yumi Joh, Responsible for the Campaign “Clothes Clean” of SETEM, she was the manager of contributing the vision of the ONG'S that are fighting so that in the sector of the textile the humanitarian minimal norms are respected. The campaign Clean Clothes make sure that the clothes that sells to itself down this motto have been realized by the guarantee of which the workpeople have not been exploited. Both INDITEX and SETEM agree in that to fight for the good condition of the workpeople is a question that they all are interested in. 

There was very enriching the intervention of Ananda Pascual, which at present is a Loewe designer, but which while it was studying Design was employed at a humanitarian project. His assignment was to go to workshops of textile of countries of the third world, advising them about western designs. Thus it was a competitive product in Europe and with low prices. In the workshops at which Ananda Pascual was employed they all were women and with very hard personal and familiar situations. After the month of work, the workshops were obtaining a few enormous benefits that were distributed between the personnel and it was managing to raise the level of the area. 

The conference “Workshop of the fashion” was in charge of Fernando Gutiérrez, General manager of Ágatha Ruiz of the Prada and his governing creative Juan Carlos Mesa that they immersed us in the workshop of Ágatha, which has a Renaissance concept since everything turns about the artist. 25 persons are employed at the workshop of Madrid and the first thing are the ideas and then one is employed at the collection. Juan Carlos Mesa was saying that with the Ágatha designs the happiest life is done. They try every day to communicate with a modern and positive language. 

Francesco Morace is an Italian sociologist who devotes himself to study the tendencies in different parts of the world. He is the president of Future Concept Lab - company dedicated to analyzing the changes in the society. He declared in the University of Navarre that in the future, the fashion will be "of high quality and personalized, but to a low cost". This situation is already warned in the success of the business forms like Inditex or Handle.
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