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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
Francis Montesinos
His last trophy is the silver Badge that finishes of delivering to him the Writers' Circle of the Fashion in an affectionate act celebrated in Madrid, which assembled several journalists of the world of the fashion. One more award as recognition to a career of 35 years that had been exalted recently with the golden Medal to the Merit of Fine arts that the designer showed proudly in the passes of his last collection.
Francis Montesinos loves the gardening, the painting, the sculpture excites the art as concept and all the artistic declarations, like the music, … and a length etc. of what we might call the “globalization of the beauty”. To understand his design it is necessary to contemplate the scenery where he was born, - the Valencian community - and to explain his color explosion it is to resort to the temperament – later, turned into character – of the “happy east”; if it is not achieved, the retina does not penetrate in his fashion. Francis speaks little, works very much, exhibits and parades all over the world and it is a modality of the Spanish and Valencian fashion in the whole world.

The society reflects the fashion …: how does influence the design the need for values that dignify the person?

The today fashion reflects the pure actuality, that's why there are the marks, the creativity and the good one to do the necessary values.

The today of the fashion is changed and complex …: where does the fashion of the future go? …: how will be the designs, the styles, the textiles, etc?
The fashion of the future goes towards a globalization with a very personal point, a fashion that it includes a little of everything, but always with a very personalized point. I suppose that the textiles of the future will be artificial fibres without leaving aside what nowadays we know like native.

Is it possible to define Francis Montesinos? …: is the Mediterranean component decisive or not and why?

To define Francis Montesinos is difficult, but if we have a nearby idea of what is the Mediterranean, his light, his color and his aromas, we will approach Francis Montesinos and his universe.

The footbridges exhibit fashion few "ponible" …: would not it be better, to give a draft to this philosophy, and to design models that then could sell and I turned?

It is everything opposite, in the footbridges as general norm they are done by pledges of the collections of samples. Years ago perhaps it was possible to see something like that, but I believe that every time we are more realistic.

Which are his projects in short and half term?

There are many, but the one that more takes the sleep from me lately is Suite Real of the Hotel Westin of Valencia.

Footbridge Carmen is a reality …: what would he advise to give him major relevancy and external projection?

The footbridge of Carmen has done very much for the Valencian fashion. It has given the opportunity to young designers who show his designs. I believe that the relevancy we have to give it to him ourselves, and the international projection is something that it is necessary to give little by little.

Why does he like giving so much to his models a touch of folklorism and of tradition?

The tradition is in the base of my inspiration. The folklore attracts me and also the world of the bull