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For: Josefina Figueras
The Museum of Manuel Piña in Manzanares, his hometown, began his journey in May, but the official opening of the Museum, foreseen for September, it will go accompanied by an emotive homage: the designer of La Mancha, one of the first "heroes" of the Cibeles, will be nominated an associate of honor of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain. A recognition deserved to a short but singular trajectory, which opened new ways for the Spanish fashion.
Manuel Piña was always a lover of his ground. In an interview that I had occasion to do to him a few months before the illness was truncating his life, he said to me that he had been born in Manzanares, but that it should specify Manzanares of the Spot because in the Spanish geography there are five peoples with the same name and he was feeling very proud of his origin of La Mancha.

It is no wonder that Pineapple was bequeathing to his hometown 120 handmade and only pieces of his signature, 75 of which appear in the museum and the rest they are restored and classifying with the idea of organizing temporary exhibitions or of collaborating with other institutions or museums.

“He wanted that some day his models were appearing in a wine-cellar perhaps because he was thinking that his style was marrying the singularity of this space” there says friendly Alex Serna of Pineapple and designer and executor of the Museum. Four years ago began restoring the caves of an ancient large house of the century XVl placed in the center of the population belonging to the family Merino in those that there was keeping the wine and the food during the warm summers of The Spot. At these caves Santa Teresa of Jesus had ended up during his trips for the grounds of La Mancha. Now they have turned into a magic space arched with bends and narrow corridors and a few soft lights destined to lodge part of the creative stage of Manuel Piña who passes between middle of the 80 until 1990.

The conductive thread of the exhibition, which includes four rooms distributed in 300 square meters, is the game between the shades. So the designer wanted it as it can be read in a written phrase of his handle and letter and reproduced in one of the walls identical “The shade of the men is sometimes more human and more real than the proper men to white person”

In the first room of the exhibition his mohair overcoats are, later other models who remind his creations to us with lacquer and macramé. In the third room, centred in the 90s, we discover his handling of the most diverse materials like leather, dyed snakes and metallic applications of futurist aspect … In the last part of the trip there is an extensive panel with the names of the pineapple friends: designers, photographers, artists and an affectionate photo of the couturier with his handkerchief knotted to the head along with his mother Sebastiana. Also there is his dog faithful Oto partner of his morning walks along the Retirement of Madrid.

I remember that Pineapple said to me in the interview that his aspiration was “to design clothes with soul” and “to create emotions by means of the design”. The creations that are exhibited in the museum demonstrate that it obtained these targets in spite of his life truncated too soon.
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