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Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona
Custo Barcelona
For the first time the happy and coloristic fashion of Custo Barcelona has come to Moscow. It has presented his collection spring - summer 2009 in World Trade Center inside Russian Fashion Week which there had already appeared other Spanish designers as Toni Francesc and Armand Basi. This edition is framed inside the project Fashion Cinema that pays tribute to the Hollywood of the 40s and 50s and to his most emblematic stars as Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart or Diana Durbin.
The collection of Custo Barcelona, which has triumphed now in Russia, has covered other cities with big success. Recently it has appeared also for the first time in Greece closing the fourth edition of Hellenic Fashion Week with a fabulous spectacle in Technopolis, an ancient factory re-turned into cultural space. A few days earlier, specifically on October 2, Custo presented his collection in Lerida in the magnificent Gothic cloister of the cathedral of the century Xll as homage to his native ground since the designer was born in Tremp.

The designs for spring - summer presented by Custo are translated in very elaborated pledges, with patterns in silk of living - yellow tones, green, turquoise - inspired in the nature. The garments are the principal protagonists, long and vaporous some different with polite Empire and abundant drapeados. “We mix patterns and colors that one day seemed impossible to combine” the designer has declared” and this is what the woman Custo wants.”

His most emblematic pledges have not been missing in the latter collection: the T-shirts of those that his success starts. Custo Dalmau together with his brother David turned this popular pledge into a work of art, into a door opened for the design of more and more diversified pledges. His T-shirt were a prompt object of desire of nations like Julia Roberts, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo or Penélope Cruz.

After a long trip about the world in motorcycle in which they could feel closely the most diverse cultural events, two brothers in narrow collaboration, they incorporated into the design of his cotton T-shirts unusual colorings and surprising graphic symbols. At first his name was “Custo Line“ but later they changed to Custo Barcelona. They were the Spanish designers first in spending his collection in Fashion Week of New York. The offense on the Twin Towers of September 11, 2001 marked his début in London. The day of the tragedy was indicated to present his collection in New York, the parade had to be pendent but negotiations were done quickly to show the collection in the Week of the Fashion in London.

His implantation in Spain began with the shops opening in the old town of Barcelona, in Ibiza and in Marbella like throwing ramp other cities. Custo has been extending and his fashion diversifying, always with models of festive air and descomplicado, with emblematic illustrations without his famous T-shirts being never missing. Now his presentation in Russia means the last link of an expansion that seems to have no end.
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