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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Adjie Notonegoro (Jakarta, 1961), the most excellent Indonesian designer, has carried out a brilliant fashion show in the Museum of the Suit to show the beauty and possibilities of the batik, a singular pattern of that his country has the scepter.
Ten models of Java showed his pieces that were inspired in the tradition or were updated in a modern design, under the title “The Batik and the Center of Java”.

Before the parade the ambassador pronounced a few satisfaction words for the presence of the big creator of his country Notonegoro in a frame as singular as the assembly room of the Museum of the Suit that did footbridge to itself for the occasion. Marina Chinchilla, assistant director of the State Museums, highlighted the collaboration of the Department of Culture in this parade that constitutes a cultural act of the first order for the brightness and international recognition of Notonegoro. The director of the Museum of the Suit, Andrés Carretero declared that it was talking each other of “one of the most beautiful parades that have been seen in the museum”.

The batik is a skill that is known long ago and that is estimated of big cultural value like a declaration of the Fine arts. For centuries the craftsmen of Java have worked for this textile art, in which the drawing reflects a big diversity of motives of the nature – flora and fauna - and every group is had by their own ones that are transmitted by generations.

Although the batik has been a key of the traditional suit of several countries, Java has been the place that has managed better exponents. At present it has penetrated the origin geography and has become international of the hand of his designers. It is used both for the traditional and modern suit, as the Notonegoro designs reflect it.

The suits of the designer were consisting of a big shirt on a skirt, in that the adventurousness of coloring and form was giving place to a big variety. Turquoise with brown; beige with rose; white person and black. Notonegoro has achieved that the batik is the base of his creations and has adapted it to make it comfortable between the youngest generations, who have accepted it. The parade ended with two spectacular garments of fiancée that were much applauded.

Notonegoro formed in Jakarta and studied later in Paris, Francfurt and Dusseldof. In 1986 it founded the house of fashions “House of Adjie” and showed his first collections. In 1995 it presented his parades in several cities of the United States, London and The Hague, with a public's big recognition. In his career it has carried out parades in favor of UNICEF and the Red Cross. In 2002 it founded the Flash Fashion Models. It has exhibited his art in diverse real palaces and in 2006 he has organized “A Fiancées' exhibition” for the magazine Bazaar.

Between his clients are several presidents of Indonesia; the royal family of the sultan of Brunei Darussalam; the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro; the ex-president Hill Clinton; the General Secretary of the UNO, Koffii Annan and his wife and 36 heads of state of different countries.
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