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For: José F. Serra
Louis Vuitton
There is no doubt that the way of dressing is the language of the body and an expression of the spirit that it is necessary to adapt to the different epochs and circumstances. But: do a few "laws of the game" exist? In this fashion full of lines and varied and contradictory styles that we have seen once again in the collections: are there any norms that come out of the tendencies of the moment to settle in the world of the good manners, of the opportunity or of the respect?
The success that some rules of the protocol have at present and especially the biggest importance that happens to the personal values in different orders of the life they reach to the proper image and to the way of being related to the others. The most recent surveys between the companies reveal a change of attitudes to us. To the margin of qualifications or of other declarations of personal worth, every time there is valued more the good education, the positive sense, the good character, the knowledge to be employed at team and a suitable and correct image.

Everything comes to demonstrate that between the fierce competitiveness of our epoch a series of positive values is infiltrating. Before the materialistic contamination of “I want”, that some of them fence like supreme conduct norm, many raise the much more humanized expression of “I have to”. A very eloquent form of good education and of the respect that we owe to the others will be reflected in a way of dressing that he does not claim "epatar", to hurt sensibilities or simply to seduce, but he looks for the intensification of the important moments and tries to make agreeable the life and the coexistence of those who surround us.

The Italian designer Valentino was saying with reference to this topic: "I do not understand the women who do not try to be always well dressed and attractive. It is an important question for the coexistence. It is a part of the good education that demands certain personal discipline, because being well tidy, and of form adapted to the circumstances, always demands an effort. Secondly he supposes treating with deference and bearing in mind the persons with whom we live together at home or in the work. Having good aspect influences even the proper yield. When you get up in the morning, you look at the mirror and you are cleanly, well dressed, brushed good, go out to the street with good foot and good humor. That's why it is difficult to me to understand the people who is capable of appearing in public with shabby air or of inopportune form”

The "laws of the game" demand to bear in mind the place, the occasion and the hour. Just as it would be inadequate to present before itself in an informal dinner with a spangle of embroidered long suit would be inadequate for example, to be present at the ceremony of a wedding with showy necklines or with ostentatious mini-skirts. It would not also demonstrate consideration towards a person to come at a familiar invitation or between friends dressing of an excessively informal form. The rules of protocol applied to the way of dressing keep on counting and help us to spin thinner in these points that the proper common sense already dictates.

All the rules of tag, up to the most prosaic but that count at the time of the truth, are thought to improve the interpersonal relation. Only the egoism, real enemy of the good manners, can lead to dressing in an eccentric or indecorous way, without bearing in mind the situation of the people that we have around, the circumstances of the ambience or the respect to the personal dignity. The "laws of the game" are a guarantee to be able to use well the springs of the fashion and they are part of the real elegance.
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