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From May 1 until September 2 the exhibition will be able to be visited “Dior, the years Bohan. Three decades of styles and of stars” in the House Museum of Christian Dior in the town of Them Rumbs, the Norman locality of Granville placed to the noroste of France. By means of 60 High fashion models there is offered a sample of the creations of Marc Bohan during almost 30 years who remained like the creative director of the house Dior. Between his clients represented several "clebrities" like Grace de Mónaco, Jacqueline Kennedy, Sofia Loren, Liz Taylor, Maria Callas etc.

Although the exhibition appears also like a homage to the bearers of the style that marked the House Dior in this epoch, the exhibition must represent a fully deserved homage to the designer who took successfully the destinations of the House Dior, since Saint Laurent received the hand torch of a jovencísimo in 1960 until it transferred in 1989 the Italian Gianfranco Ferré. A real permanence record inside this changeable and sometimes hostile world that is the fashion.

Marc Bohan has been corrected of excessively shy and of not having could promote personally his presence before the mass media. But in spite of his character “antistar“ and his ways of "normal" gentleman his creations supported the height and the prestige of the Maison. His work inside the House Dior continued for the river beds of a classic and traditional style that was trying to be erasing the trace, excessively loudly, that had stopped “new look”, but it had also his avant-garde fits always introducing in the fashion some psychedelic versions with restraint, inside the river beds that, according to, there had to think up the famous signature which destination had in his hands. When it left the House Dior Norman Hartnell left to London for insuflar new life to the prestigious English signature, the favorite of the royal family.

This was the personal definition of Marc Bohan on the elegance “The elegance is in the head, it is the spirit state. The elegance is not a money question”.
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