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For: Gabriela Fockt
The collection prêt-à-porter Spring - summer of Carolina Herrera, the Venezuelan designer settled down in New York, moves inside his peculiar elegance and in his slope more llevable and urban.
It is directed especially for women who want to continue a feminine and elegant style without allowing to block for the domineering tendencies but inside the main lines that mark the fashion it gives the period.

Carolina Herrera is a strong point of the luxurious market, but another face of his production, much more accessible, she has helped to shoot his popularity established in Spain by his shops in different cities of our country. In his collection for Spring - summer, which it presented in the Week of the Fashion neoyorkina, he has looked for the inspiration in the 50s, a tendency that was already insinuated in his autumn - winter collection. A reference to the past but adapted with a big mastery and contemporary sense.

The creative and original details begin to show in some of his models in which it dominates a very urban simplicity: details pleated in his schematic garments of point or roses of cloth on his black and white trench.

The principal protagonists of his collection are the garments simple and easy to go, with soft forms and light textiles. The domineering colors are the black, the rose, the chalk, the red one, the orange, without forgetting the incombustible elegance of the white person and of the black.

Soft tones for the patterns that range between rose, the fuchsia or the burdeos; and skirts in movement to combine with white air blouses naif. For the night it exhibits to ceiling his glamor that never penetrates the limits of the good taste does not even penetrate into the terms of the vulgar thing. “- the nakedness is not a fashion - the designer says. It is a way of attracting attention”.

The model that was closing the collection was a night suit in tulle embroidered with tapes. Other of more straight line was presenting a band in the waist that was dividing it in two fundamental tones: rose deep and red. Suits of big fantasy with very worn out details but that in hands of Carolina Herrera seem slightly easy that emerges in the complicated world of the fashion almost for magic art.
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