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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Favorite disciple of sculptor Eduardo Chillida, of whom he went so far as to say: "Koldobika Jauregui has something that is necessary in this country, his work is powerful and strong; strong, rapid and constructive”, the Basque sculptor has presented wide and different jewels relation in the gallery of Madrid Contemporary art.
Necklaces, pendants, brooches, rings, earrings … all this in silver and gold, in an entire parallelism with the engravings and that hang in the wall, where it re-shows the golden bread. His wife is the goldsmith of his designs.

Old or dull silver on which they emphasize the drawings in gold, with abstract forms that approach floral elements, moons, stars, butterflies, primitive human figures... Always in forms delicuescentes. Nothing more attractive than the reality spent by the proper line; the living beings outlined in an artistic gesture. The drawings in the Jaúregui jewels there is a miscellany of oriental allusions and Basques of big singularity. The author admits that he looks for the spirit in his plastic creativity.

Koldobika Jauregui (Alkiza, 1959) is inserted in the big tradition of sculptor's jewels, which goes beyond the author's called jewels. There exists an authors' famous payroll that they look at the jewel as personal decoration and like small sculpture at the same time. 

Between the Spanish authors who have done jewels stand out: Paco Durrio, Julio González, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí, Eduardo Chillida, Carmen Zulueta, Francisca Blazquez, Consuelo Sierra, Laura Márquez, etc. not long ago in Spain, the British sculptor Anthony Caro has carried out a singular exhibition realized along with a goldsmith of Madrid in the gallery Grassy.

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