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Lydia Delgado
Lydia Delgado
Lydia Delgado
Lydia Delgado
Lydia Delgado
His presentation in the Footbridge Cibeles has been received by critical enthusiasts. Lydia Delgado has conquered once again with a collection intimist and romantic in whom classic bosses are mixed with the most avant-garde tendencies. With a style and a few features that have led many people to comparing it with Audrey Hepburn, this designer who confesses to have a strong and rebellious character, one transmits with his clothes big love for the beautiful things, a big dose of poetry.
She wanted to be a ballerina and went so far as to be part of the ballet of the Theater of the Lyceum of Barcelona, his hometown, but the fashion crossed in his way and soon it hung the top sneakers to get into a universe of lines, styles and colors …

What made him go on from the ballet to the fashion?

The dance was filling with enthusiasm me but many competition was feeling asphyxiated by a very closed ambience, with many tensions, very much leading role emulation to me. Leave the dance and I devoted myself a time to the photo but they led me to seeing Toni Miró, almost for hazard and I began to be employed with him at his workshop like assistant of design and fashion design before beginning my own career.

Did it find any relation between the ballet and the fashion?

If, the ballet is a fantasy world, a magic world and of expression and with the clothes you can express yourself also and create a fantastic history. The ballet has helped me in my designer's task because it is a topic of movement, of evolution, something very important at the time of creating.

How were his beginning like designer?

I started by doing T-shirts, I believe that nice and with imagination, but without any pretension.

And since it went on from the T-shirts to the fashion with capital letter?

Little by little I was evolving. My first collections were worn out creations of seam patiently in which he was looking for a real artistic expression. Further on I threw lines of “pret to porter” but without resigning never from a way of working taken care and up to perfectionist.

How does the world of the fashion consider to be seen from within?

It is a difficult world that demands a lot of dedication and work. Alberto, my husband, who deals with the whole commercial part, when it began being employed at this was saying to me: the one who says that the fashion is something frivolous is killed by me, I have never seen a work so risky that I demand so many hours, which it should summon for so many people. The truth is that it is much sacrificed.

Pero Vd is like fish in the water in this world: no?

He excites me, but there are moments in which it demands too much. I am a person that I do not like assisting to events, ”going out in the photo” and things for the style, I need to center on my work because that if I begin getting confused the things go badly, he goes so far as to live in a chaos species, in a constant hodgepodge and the fashion it demands sacrifice but also a proper grace, the blows of inspiration.

How would it define his style? To whom does his fashion speak?

It is an a little explosive miscellany in which it counts the poetry and the Bohemian vein. It they goes to the women british or romantic with a point of lolitas and a touch of destroyers.

It is said that Balenciaga was capable of creating and of finishing a model from the beginning up to the end: Does Vd. also dominate all the facets of the fashion?

No, I to sew, but normalito, what it spends is that when a model is made with a pin somewhere here and another touch over there I am capable of transforming it

What designers does it admire more?

I like everything because I am lover of the variety. I admire many classic designers, I love the avant-gardists and the trajectory of some that, like Galiano, can give a blow of effect to ancient houses and up to legendary. But also I like also the proper fashion of the different countries and they can bewilder me as there dresses a person of Yemen or of the India

Has he traveled very much?

If, I like traveling, it is my biggest love and I have impregnated myself much of the painting and of the literature of the different places and handle everything of his typical stories. I always have thousands of images in the head and when I am designing the collections if they ask me by that I am inspired them I say that I do not have preconceived at all, that I depart from a sensation and am creating and if it turns out nice continuously, but if that I try to receive the ambience of the street, what captures the attention of the actuality in every moment, so that my models are in consonance with the times and with the tendencies.

Does it have in march any plans as regards the international expansion of his signature?

Plans I personally do not have any because it is ever known what it will happen … but my husband deals with these topics and that we have sold very well in Los Angeles, in Japan, in Switzerland, in Mexico. I do not like doing predictions, I cannot predict for example how the American market will be in the such year … I will devote myself always to design and sometimes almost I do not want that they tell it to me, do not want that anything relaxes.

What personal targets does it have like designer?

I the only thing that I want is to find the peace, because to do a collection means to raise many things: it has to be nice, has to sell, has to please, has to be your style but that does not recur, has to be an innovator but ponible.

Is it difficult to bring together the creativity with the commerciality?

It is necessary to do efforts to find the average point, but to me what more motivates me and excites me is that the parade has a tuning, that it counts a history, that he allows me to exercise the fantasy and that the sleep turns in fact.

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