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For: Maria Candela
Speakers of the Round table
Our magazine has fulfilled his first year of life! And, since it could not be less, we celebrate it for everything high. The cultural club Zayas of Madrid received a titled Round table: To whom does the fashion speak?, that was provided with the presence of Juanjo Oliva, fashionable designer, Diana Fernández, teaching coordinating committee of the CSDMM, Andrea Behrens, of the signature of cosmetics Clarins and Josefina Figueras, director of Asmoda
Josefina Figueras, director of Asmoda, and Mercedes Barroso, writer - chief of the magazine, expressed the desire of Asmoda to turn into a modality of information and opinion on having spoken about the relation of the fashion with the esthetics, the culture and the life styles. Also they announced the starter of young Asmoda, the same quality for a public of minor age. In his exhibition, Josefina spoke about the fashion like mass communication media, about expression of one himself.

The designer Juanjo Oliva, who earned the assistants with his naturalness and friendliness, referred to the fashion like an exciting world. He tries to transmit his passion across the collections, “that are like my children”. He tried “to clarify also a confused message”, since “there is many option and that has to create a criterion”. The well used fashion allows to the person “to express itself, to give the best thing of himself”.

Diana Fernández overturned in the education of the design, exhibited that at present “the only fashion is not imposed but different styles happen and one chooses the one that better adapts himself to him.” There prepared an interesting reflection on the tribal esthetics, that is to say, the need of the human being to choose his look in order to be identified in a minor group.

Andrea spoke about the enormous influence that the fashion has on the world of the cosmetics. “The fashion and the cosmetics are much linked. One looks that the makeups are related to the colors that are seen in the parades.” It moved forward to us that the tendency of this period is to illuminate, for what they look for the natural colors and one avoids disguising the woman.

In an interesting questions wheel, Olive defined his style as classic and affirmed that he works like a couturier, like a dressmaker. “Without office it is not possible to do design”, it specified. Also he affirmed that “the elegance is an attitude before the life” and asked the feminine public who was listening to him to never lose the interest in the fashion.
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