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For: Josefina Figueras
Story of Christmas
The Christmas is felt in the air, in the faces and in the streets, that's why way is made more easily the small but good news that depart from the intimate stronghold of the feelings. For example... the last reports point out that, for the crisis, the Spanish have decided to cut away all the chapters of his expenses: except one! that of the gifts! and there will wear out in them 16 % more than last year. It is clear that before these holidays of spiritual soaked depth the whole world is ready to extract afloat his good heart. There are days for the love, the renewal and the innovation. Happy Christmas!

It is logical that the news that extoll the Christmas is to the agenda. From the world of the art there comes to us the echo of the premiere of the cinematographic version of “Story of Christmas” the work written by Carlos Dickens in 1843 who reports a charming Christmas miracle that has thrilled the people of several generations. In her there is counted the moral change of a curious personage, Scrooge, as result of a series of threatening some Christmas spirits almost like the nice angel of the movie “That beautiful is to live”.

The news about the opening of the Christmas lights in different cities could not be missing either. In Madrid 7 will shine ´5 million lamps, 700.000 more than in the previous years, but! that nobody alarms! they will be of low consumption and they will be lit one hour less to the day than in the previous years. There will be 3 new and showy light trees in different points of the capital and the fashion will produce once again his tribute to the Christmas with a spectacular tree creation of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada in the very same Puerta del Sol.

In we want to join the Christmas spirit of the innovations with some news about impact. One of them, the first, is the opening of a new blog of asmoda: "Newspaper of a cool hunter” realized by the journalist Patricia Sañes that he collaborates in our magazine from the beginning.

Patrician, that extends his journalist's work with the exciting role of cazatendencias, will offer every week a "notebook" where it will announce interesting news related to the fashion – shops opening, new designers - exhibitions of painting, beauty, with the last throwings of cosmetics or perfumes, and will touch also a topic till now unpublished in our magazine: the gastronomy advising on the best fashionable restaurants.

The whole content of our new blog, in addition to being a practical guide, will always include a critical and philosophical point of view about the treated topics and will bring to the readership an extra cost. All the articles will be histories real and told in the first person with a fluid, colloquial and very entertaining language. It is going to be like the personal newspaper of a fashionable journalist eager for cultural tendencies and it will be opened for the public. The readership will be big friends of Patrician and she will confess to them that his passion for the esthetics (fashion and beauty) in all his versions should be already in the shape of abstract art, in a pledge of clothes or in a novel restaurant of singular design.

And as “golden brooch” to make sure you that this will not be the last one of our innovations because in the year 2010 we will continue with new initiatives and surprises: Happy Christmas and New Year!

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