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Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta
Impeccable workmanships, definite lines, sumptuous textiles and happy but suppressed coloring. These are the signs of identity of the spring - summer collection of the veteran Oscar de la Renta. His everlasting classicism, his good taste and his elegant designs think about how to favor a sure woman of himself.
Much applauded it was his hyperfeminine and varied collection, although always inside the cánones to which Oscar de la Renta has us accustomed: garments, to the knee, of line A, with living patterns or bold men miscellany of tones in which he emphasized like decorative element for everything the cold silver. But also his elegant tailors, tight, full of details and exquisitely cut, both the skirts and the pants.

For the day the Venezuelan presented short garments in happy and spring tones, in flowery patterns realized in natural textiles: linen, silk, with finished of muslin and brilliant brocades. Also it showed pledges with courts and geometric, black and white drawings, with skirts gathered in airy creases aside, accompanied by short overcoats in shantung of silk and short jackets surrounded by very wide belts of lacquer, leather or cloth of flaw. He did not forget the dressed shirtmakers, of planked skirts, as well as pledges type "safari" with African pattern.

The pants were going from the tobilleros “cigaret“, in linen or silk, to the wide ones of wide volume that were covering the footwear. The target, beige and gray pearl were the tones chosen for the tailors. He them was accompanying beautiful blouses without revers on neckline in cascade or jerséis of perlé fitted to the waist.

The white blouse, protagonist

And the fact is that special leading role they had the blouses in the tendency proposed for Of the Revenue: white blouses, of cotton cambric, organza and it sedates, with casings, laces and frills, revers asymmetric and pleating in the neck.

The colors were very varied, since white person and black played with the outstanding figures, but also with red poppy, the toasting and the gray. He used cold tones for blouses and light overcoats, like the green avocado, the yellow one, the navy blue one, the deep blue one, the pale pink one or the soft mauve one.

It is of emphasizing the complements: it extracted many marine motives in beads, pendants and in applications: purses with conches, stars and seahorses. And very much choral, both in long necklaces and in account returns to the neck. Also long earrings and brooches and pendants of semiprecious stones.

Sophisticated and magic night

The cocktail proposals were, especially, dressed in very much coloring, stamped in dull and big flowers with finished glossed, to the oriental way, to game in light overcoats of short sleeve. Also black garments and blue night in crêpe of silk or pleated tulle. The garments were standing out for the skirts of flight and the exact bodies, with wide suspenders some, Japanese sleeves others, and cut low honor word the most sophisticated. The night ones shone for his splendor: tight bodies and wide and vaporous long skirts, in organza, tulle and lace with embroideries in crystal. Other lines were the classic "siren", with neckline word of honor or heart, or the "fourreau" in tones silver with crystal embroideries or even of brilliant vinyl.

Oscar de la Renta stays faithful to his glamorous and feminine style, always with a coherence and an elegance that defines it as one of the biggest fashionable creators of the moment.
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