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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Center Armani
Center Armani
Center Armani
Center Armani
Center Armani
Elegance joined the abstinence. Sophistication with reminiscences of the best Armani Privé. Lines without shrillness that draw feminine silhouettes with androgynous touches and rich textiles. The collection for the young woman in this winter 08/09 of Center Armani appeared in Milan. And Milan vibrated again before his genius.
After the sample in Paris of the most exclusive Armani, the line for the young woman who wants to bet for a sure value, was the whole success. The waisted and short jackets to game with armed skirts or evasé to the knee, were indisputably the pledges most repeated in the collection, moderate and elegant. Nevertheless a waisted jacket opened his exhibition rendigote long, in velvet tone oil, surrounded for the waist, with diagonal closing and court to the bies that was opening in wide flight, something removed from the general keynote of the collection that was tending to the vertical position.

The jackets of masculine cut abounded in his designs, combined with wide pants, both in high and low size, and skirts to the knee. He proposed also a few suits with jacket of diplomatic streak and the Prince of Wales, with courts to the bies and skirts also to the bies or asymmetric. The pants that it showed were comfortable, wide and with sugerente fall, in wool or velvet, with plain jackets to the waist. Necks to the box with leather adornments, and under the jackets tops of silk with frills. Woolen layers in white person or black.

The principal textiles of the collection Armani were the metallized skin, the wool and soft and brilliant velvet. And the tones, black and white person, the whole scale of gray and anthracite, blue oil, and only some touch of color, fuchsia or resided, for the night. Fantasy details thanks to the spangle, metallic applications and to the brilliant thread.

As accessories and complements: classic shoe with buckles or some adornment, in velvet or skin, of low heel. Belts exaggeratedly wide. Big purses or type portfolio, berets and shawls to the neck. The effect, a current, elegant and feminine silhouette hundred for hundred.
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