42 - JANUARY, 2010
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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Inaguración CIM
O. Calabresse / G. Lipovetsky / And. Loewe
Reception of the Town hall
Established by protocol postmark
Modesto Lomba confers
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Ann Locking in CIM
Modesto Lomba in CIM
Josefina Figeras with the means
Press conference CIM
Of “impressive“ they can be qualified these three-22nd, October 23 and 24 - in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid. Several emblematic streets for his commerce dedicated to the fashion were adorned, from the days before to the Congress, by canopies and banderoles of CIM. I International Congress of Fashion (CIM), which there organized the Association Fashion, University and Company (AMUE) in collaboration with the Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University of Madrid (CSDMM), has been the whole success. CIM has fulfilled his target to be a “space of innovation and culture”, as it was expressing his motto, a forum of communication and debate on the Fashion and his implications in the social, economic ambience and mediático.
The ambience in the first hour of the morning of Wednesday, the 22nd of October was electrifying: in the middle of a disagreeable and rainy climate, the conferees were warming the ambience doing an animated tail to gather his accreditations and papers. The big sense of expectancy woken up in the press was reflected in the inflow of editors and photographers during these days. The arrival of illustrious guests: the Rector of the Polytechnical University, the Director of Fine arts, the Director of the Museum of the Suit, and the members of the Scientific and Organizing Committees: Enrique Loewe (Loewe), Ángel Asensio (FEDECON), Miguel Ángel Pascual (CSDMM), Josefina Figueras (AMUE).

The lecturers came punctual: the semiólogos Omar Calabresse and Jorge Lozano, the French sociologist Gilles Lipovetsky concerning whom a fuss was organized. They all wanted to greet him, to do photos to him with him, and the journalists to interview him. There they were also the designers Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, dressed of apple green, Maria Lafuente, and Pola Iglesias, director of the SIMM in Ifema.

Every day of CIM was divided by topics. The first one devoted himself to “The sociocultural dimension of the fashion”. The capacity of the assembly room of the Museum of the Suit was exuding with almost 250 conferees originated from all the classes of the fashion of Estonia, Serbia, Portugal, France, Italy, Brazil and Spain, who listened enchanted to the inaugural conference of titled Lipovetsky “Fashion and luxury in the hypermodern age”. In her, it planned a panorama of ten points on the characteristics of the fashion in the current society, parallel to the age of the globalization, diversifying the centers of reference of the fashion, along with Paris: Milan, London or New York. Omar Calabresse continued the interesting conference of the Italian semiólogo, a historical trip for the outfit of “The elegant man”, and that of Jorge Lozano on “The fashion, cultural metronome”. The guests intervened also in a round table with the topic of the day, moderated by Enrique Loewe, that the journalist expert in fashion Pedro Narváez joined also.

The communications and posters presented throughout these three days developed very suggestive aspects of the world of the fashion, from the interrelation between fashion, history and museum, happening for the creativity in the fashionable design, the marketing in the sector, the importance of the Network like new route of communication, up to the methodology in the tendencies reception. Especially brilliant were the posters of the Educational Center titled Fuenllana “The textile matter, like value of the fashion”, “The advertizing message of the fashion as factor of social influence”, or “The publications specializing in Fashion in Spain in the XIXth century”, of several authors. Brazil had a big representation, both in conferees, and in topics proposed in posters and communications.

Reception in the Park of the Retirement
As colophon of the first day, the Town hall of Madrid offered a brilliant reception in the Pavilion of the Gardens of Cecilio Rodríguez of the Park of the Retirement to all the conferees and guests. The hostess was the Delegate of Civil Participation, Sandra de Lorite, who gave the welcome to the assistants, I greet the one that there answered Miguel Ángel Pascual, the director of the Top Center of Design of Fashion of the Polytechnical University, one of the organizers of CIM. The whole world could converse and relax after one very intense day.

The principal topic of Thursday, the 23rd was “Production, Market and Ethics of the Fashion”. Representatives of big commercial signatures, like the Group Cortefiel, El Corte Ingles and Handle, intervened in round tables to speak about the market of the fashion. Ignacio Sierra, the corporate director of the Group Cortefiel, presented in CIM the Memory of Sostenibilidad corresponding to the exercise 2007, pointing out that in the audit of the factories that work for the Group Cortefiel "they not all overcame the quality control" for not fulfilling the minimal requisites, between which they are "the respect to the human rights, safety and health, remunerations and worthy wages".

Stamps to the fashion
Also like part of the acts of CIM, the solemn one was celebrated although nice ceremony of presentation of four stamps dedicated to the Spanish Fashion, they proceeding to the established by protocol postmark of the sheet block under the look of the very same President of Post office, José Damián Santiago Martín, who was accompanied by the General manager of Philately, José Luis Fernández Reyero. The stamps were reproducing designs of the teacher of high fashion Pedro Rodríguez, who is exhibited in the Museum of the Suit. For the first time they were realized by a new skill of microrelief, in which there were appreciated the creases and outlines of the suits. “The philately, like the fashion – the President of Post office affirmed, is also a vehicle of dissemination of culture of a country, and a reflex of his historical, social and economic evolution”. A folder was delivered to all the assistants with the beautiful stamps for his postmark.

One of the most interesting conferences of the day was that of the philosopher Alfredo Cruz Prados, teacher in the University of Navarre, which a clarificadora pronounced confers on “The function humanizadora of the fashion” and the vouchsafing of the knowledge to be, that turns the fashion into a culture act. The meeting of the evening began with the paper of the designer Modesto Lomba, president of the Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain. And it ended with the magisterial conference of the journalist Pedro Mansilla on the genius of Elio Berhanyer.

On October 24 last of CIM, he devoted himself to “The Technology, Innovation, Distribution and Promotion of the Fashion”. To illustrate this matter, we count with leaders in the sector, of the size of Marie Pierre Bellegarde, of Lectra Systems, leading corporation in technological solutions applied to the textile world, and of the North American teacher expert in marketing and communication, Verónica Manlow.

After the brilliant conference pronounced by the expert in luxury Manfredi Ricca, General manager of Interbrand Milan, one proceeded to the act of closing ceremony, presided by the delegate of Economy and Tourism of the Town hall of Madrid and representatives of the Scientific and Organizing Committees of Cim2008. Next, in a festive ambience, the diplomas were delivered to the authors of communications and posters. Miguel Ángel Pascual, President of the Organizing Committee, located all to take part in II International Congress of Fashion. We drink to this target with a Spanish Wine that we all taste in the magnificent gardens of the Museum of the Suit, under the moderate sun of the autumn of Madrid.

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