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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Emidio Tucci
Antonio Pernas
Olive Juanjo
Elio Berhanyer
The comeback to the spirit "dandy" in the masculine fashion is synonymous often of good taste. The blazers, the cárdigans and the overcoats recover this special touch of the elegant man who does not play with the classic cánones.
A pledge that has been hung again on the masculine closet is the overcoat three quarters, of straight cut and big military revers. He accompanies the dark jerséis of high neck. For the special moments, jackets type tuxedo, but lightly tighter and narrower ties. The tones, the gray ones in all his scales, cobalts, steels and blacks, with some touch of eggplant and brown.

Salvatore Ferragamo bet for a man with a style vaguely militarily, that remembered the cold and gray ambience of the Berlin previous to the fall of the wall: dark tones as the blue cobalt, the gray marengo, of course, the black and the tone steeled, with light metallic sheens. As pledges, the overcoats and reefers of extra with big covered revers. Jerséis of high neck and black shirts. For the most elegant occasions, tight and short jackets with revers tuxedo.

Elio Berhanyer proposes in his masculine collection suits tailor of classic style, but renewed thanks to the employment of stamped textiles. Also, huntresses sport, cárdigans of point and originals Americans of extra and vinyl. The suit recovers thousand streaks.

The Andalusian designers Victorio and Lucchino pass there passes in the suits tailor very well decisive, the majority, which sometimes is mixed with cárdigans of retro esthetics, high necks and finished Americans as if there were huntresses, more fellings. Quite in dark, brown green colors and eggplants.

The Italian Laura Biagiotti prefers for the man, on the contrary, a polar style in a few warm pullovers, of comfortable design and wide forms, realized with cashemere and wool, in tones white ivory. Pants of tweezers of soft fall, accompanied by overcoats of point and jackets also wide with hood.

Devotee and Lomba supports a certain air retro with jackets of safari pockets and thin ties. Olive Juanjo aims to the straight reefers at three quarters in cold tones but of comfortable matters. And Emidio Tucci renews his most elegant style with dark suits combined with jerséis of high neck and complements of cashemere. The ties Tucci become narrower. Antonio Pernas proposes a very elegant but current man, with suits in tone stone realized in glossy wrapped up wool and wide scarves like indispensable complement.
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