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For: Josefina Figueras
It arose like a meteor between the new generation of designers of our country. Carmen March has received in a little time the most prestigious awards of the Spanish design. The last one, the Award Telva to the best collection.
His well structured seam, with touches of fantasy and good humor, they have placed it in the first line of a fashion compromised with the best quality. Carmen has brought in to fomar part of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain where his vitality can insuflar airs renovators.

How did his personal relation start with the fashion?

 I studied Geography and History in the Complutense University of Madrid. My favorite subject was the anthropology because it seemed to me that it was a matter very related to the fashion. On having finished the career, I registered in a design school and later, for three years, realized collaborations for Duyos Paniagua and Javier Larrainzar until in 2000 I inaugurated Egotherapy with Juanjo Oliva.Desde development of that time my own collections in my workshop of Madrid. I paraded for the first time in the festival Edition Madrid and in 2004 in Gaudi and on the following year I presented before myself in Cibeles.

What does he consider to be more important at the time of creating: the line or the textile?

Line and textile go of the hand. Sometimes I see a wonderful textile and a garment occurs to me; sometimes I think about a silhouette and look for the cloth that allows me to construct it.

Does not he believe that at present the fashionable investigation centers very much on the textiles?

Probably, the new cloths force us to restate completely the designing frequently. I feel a big passion for the textiles. My family had a textile business in Majorca and hence the love comes to me.

How does it plan and realizes his collections?

In general I depart from two basic concepts: the body of the woman and the device. In my last collections s a clear evolution is evident of the beginning finally. I start with a few garments much given to the body to praise me later for the volumes obtained by means of a research work done with the designing to obtain the necessary device. Quite inside a few cánones of femininity and classicism.

What is his inspiration source?

I do not have a concrete inspiration: an unexpected trip, a scenery, a book, to eat some especiado, the movies that I remember, a special voice...

But some of his models of the collection autumn - winter of this year was inspired in Josefina Bonaparte....

She was a woman of very much character that represents an epoch in which social and politically many things happened. It was a symbol of new times of social and esthetic freedoms for the woman. It was much transgresora: one was putting shirts of his husband to go to the holidays.

Does he believe that the fashion defines every historical moment?

It is not anything that I believe, it is a reality. There are anthropological encyclopedias on this matter. The fashion is much tied to the anthropology. How one dresses a person says to us much of her. There are very clear symbols.

Why do the revivals of previous epochs abound so much in the fashionable collections?

Because we go dressing the same surface hundreds of thousands of years. Or a new body is invented, or everything will remind something previous to us.

Does he think that the fashion is an art and an important cultural factor?

For me the fashion is an office and the offices led to the perfection are an art (any sculpture of Miguel Ángel is a test of it) but not the whole world is capable of coming at this level. The fashion is an important cultural factor since it defines the moment in which we live.

Does it turn out to be very difficult to make way for him inside the Spanish fashion?

It is not so difficult if you are humble and want to work and learn,

Some designers are accused of becoming a star: does any recipe exist for his healing?

The best recipe against the becoming a star is to have the clear ideas. I have them.
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