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For: Josefina Figueras
Everything already breathes Christmas airs. Lights and garlands of colors, births, shop windows that adorn themselves... That's why he wants to wish you first of all a HAPPY CHRISTMAS. In Madrid, the fashion has committed itself with this festive and tender face of the Christmas and the designers have taken part with his fantasy to extoll the most significant and affectionate holiday of the calendar. Last year Agatha Ruíz de la Prada designed the drawings that formed the Christmas lights of some streets and this year Juan Duyos has helped with his smilers, stars and hearts to surround with tenderness and affectionate sense the holidays.
Christmas is a season that does us to all a little better and with desire of making the others happier. That's why it is a gifts time. And we already know that the importance of the gift is not both in his material value and in the opportunity, the wise move or the fondness with which it has been done. That's why, from, we suggest to all our friends and followers a useful and original gift: a subscription to our magazine. Your friends can receive, together with your congratulation, the news about that you have signed to and whenever they will receive our news in his electronic direction they will remember that, thanks to you, can continue very closely the world of the fashion. It will be a very special gift that insurance will be successful that is deserved. Also those that we do we will feel very happy to extend the number of our subscribers and friends.

The Christmas coincides also with one year that it ends, a moment to do reviews and balances. Last year we were promising you a new paragraph in our magazine: asmoda young man, and there have already come, for a few months, these sections devoted to an adolescent public who extends the general informations of our magazine destined for persons of all the ages and of all the parts of the world. It turns out to be very comforting for us to receive letters of different countries, of the people that are discovering the Spanish fashion across and also of many of our compatriots who value the load of content and analyses that we try to spill in the sections so that there are no simply fleeting images but way of understanding the fashion and the life styles.

We hope to keep on receiving your suggestions. The year that is going to begin will bring to us innovations and all kinds initiatives, both from the magazine and across the acts that there has programmed the Association Fashion, University and Company. We wish you also a Happy Year 2008 and that starts for you with the whole meaning who wrap these holidays and his eternal message. A message of peace that began does more than two thousand years in a ground today massacred by the violence, but that there preserves inside his present dramatist the perennial memory of a star that shone in Bethlehem for the first time and keeps on shining today in the minds and in the hearts of all those who are capable of understanding his important depth.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A WONDERFUL YEAR 2008. We you it wish all those that we do

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