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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
The Museum of the Suit of Madrid has acquired recently jewels of two Spanish designers: the of Madrid one, Carmen Zulueta and the Valencian one, Charo Marín.
The Museum of the Suit of Madrid has acquired recently jewels of two Spanish designers: the of Madrid one, Carmen Zulueta and the Valencian one, Charo Marín. The pieces happen to enrich the rich collections in jewelry shop that are in the museum, at the head of which there is the Conservative, Maria Antonia Herradón

Carmen Zulueta, an artist constructivista that is provided with more than four hundred designs of jewels in his trajectory, exhibited fundamentally in Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam says to us “The idea of doing jewels was a chapter decisive to come to the third dimension. The sculpture was waiting for me and was a difficult step since it was used to doing a flat art. The relief, at first, has his problems. Then I liked doing very much jewels for his design facility on having been small pieces, like sculptures of small format. I was lucky to find in Madrid the Gallery Stone, specialized in jewels of design that entrusted me several works, and the most important thing, met on an extraordinary jeweler who could capture perfectly my designs”.

On the other hand, Charo Marín has been selected to present his last jewels designs in the lounges of the fair Iberjoya in the IFEMA pavilions. The winter collection takes the name of Cuattro Fratelli, a series of “water hearts”, which reflect a living art and in movement. His materials: gold, diamonds, brilliant blacks, rubies and others.

This designer says that it has chosen the heart “like element that reinforces the happiness and the love”. The series is divided in two blocks, one for women from 20 to 30 years and other one for women from 30 to 55, according to the stones and the coloring. The heart is an element pop, a recognizable popular icon to all lights and accepted by all. The grace consists in giving him a new nut return and in presenting it with renewed air, something that only an artist can obtain with imagination and fantasy like Charo Marín.

“A jewel is always a sculpture that is worn, a message, an investment and a piece of value for the whole life”, the Valencian designer declares, that in his fecund career he has designed bold and brave series as Xinquecento, Baroque and others.

“A jewel has always to keep a sense of beauty and harmony. I depart from a history at the time of designing them, but there are the materials, the form and the color those who are going to determine this required harmony that turns them into art”, he declares Charo Marín. “There is nothing more beautiful than a well mixed jeweler who reflects the taste and the good skill of a person. To collect jewels is stimulant in addition to a sure investment”, he affirms.

The Valencian designer likes playing with the contrasts of sheen and mate, I chatter and cut; it plays with harmonious tensions that attract the retinas. Recently it has carried out parade of his creations in France and Italy.
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