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Looking at the fashion
Beauty, Fashion and Excellency
Protagonists of the Fashion
You of the Fashion
Do not forget to extract a little bit to know on culture and fashion. Asmoda makes it now easier to you, presenting six essential books to you for your particular library. The whole challenge you to keep on acquainting, thoroughly, on fashion, his meaning, his real importance, how he believes, who is behind her... finally, the mesenteries that hide after her. There they go!
We start with a general revision of the authentic actors of the intricate world of the fashion. And the fact is that since the fashion did his appearance as such in the middle of the XIXth century, the designers have been his real protagonists. To put us out to the human profile, the sleep and achievements of these creators who have marked tendency introduces us in an exciting world.

They say that behind a big man there is always a big woman. Of similar form we might affirm that behind a big garment there is always a big designer. The prestigious journalist Josefina Figueras brings us over in his book Protagonists of the fashion to this exciting world of the hand of his principal protagonists: the designers. An approach to figures of the size of Dior, Chanel, Schiaparelli, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent or Valentino. Also it discovers to us more recent figures like Lacroix, Lagerfeld, Ungaro or Blahnick. The authoress carries out also an interesting reflection on the connection that exists between the fashion like “social portrait” and the world of the art, the painting, the architecture or the journalism. A gigantic realized work of lively and entertaining form.

Guillaume, Erner (Gustavo Gili)
With this work, and of the nicest and ironic form, the author tries to transmit the idea of that "the fashion is a lie in which everybody wants to believe". Although nobody forces us, we all are subject to the duty of the fashion, even without knowing it and against our will. With the obsession of seeming, new symptoms are born and proliferate in our society, and the famous "tendencies" justify everything. Departing from these premises and in a history lively and full of irony, Guillaume Erner discovers many of the mechanisms of the universe of the fashion: How are the tendencies created? What roll do the designers play? How do the marks act? And, especially: what does imply to turn into an authentic victim of the fashion?

It is a question of the first book that includes the beauty and the fashion without entering the illness or the sensationalism. In an epoch in which it predominates over the image and the care of the look the author has been able to transmit the world of the models and the misses counted across different perspectives, giving vital importance to the experiences of the proper protagonists. Diverse mises testimonies, members of juries, businessmen, couturiers or sellers analyze how the publicity breaks the set of moral norms by which nowadays we are ruled.

A work in which the good taste and the education matters; very interesting and lively, it is written in the shape of interview with questions and answers of easy and rapid reading. There are gathered reflections of Covadonga O'Shea, Blanca Castilla de Cortázar, testimonies of Raquel Balencia, Inés Sainz and also of other misses and models. Although there are different points of view, it is not exact what any of them keep on thinking on that the models they have to put what the designer wishes, without importing the ethics and the values of every person.

| Josefina Figueras (Editions)
Finally, we propose a fund revision to you on the fashion, of the hand of Josefina Figueras. To try to include in a volume the different slopes of a phenomenon as the fashion turns into a challenge for this specializing journalist, with a finished professional trajectory behind him. In a lively tone, the authoress is delimiting the principal components of the fashion that, far from being limited to the garment or to the footwear, presents itself as a cultural and artistic event, in which increasingly the creators leave his study to look for inspiration sources.

Josefina Figueras manages to synthesize the history of the fashion, the contribution of mythical designers like Worth, Balenciaga, Chanel and Dior, and that of more nearby others in the time that, from the high fashion, have given the jump to the prét-à-porter, to impulses of new economic and industrial strategies. The creators' keys like Lagerfeld, Saint-Laurent, Armani and Valentino are gathered in the first person, in interviews that reflect the human side of these personages, with his secrets and contradictions.

Along with the big protagonists, the authoress incorporates the necessary factors to understand the incidence of the fashion in the life of the persons. On the tendencies of every period they press strongly multiple social declarations that the designer unites with major or minor success. But the consumer must never turn into a passive element. "The game between the mimicry and individualism is fundamental to be right in the personal relations with the fashion", makes sure the authoress, and this is the challenge which each one faces to be faithful to his identity and to his own taste.
With practical sense, Josefina Figueras emphasizes the possibilities of the fashion for the enrichment of the person and simultaneously it indicates with keenness his excesses and deformities. His reflections are provided with the support of abundant papers - included photos - and even with a small dictionary of the sector, with a hundred of basic terms.

| Mónica Codina and Montserrat Herrero (publishers) (EIUNSA)
There are 11 reflections on the fashion of different experts. They coordinate it Mónica Codina who is a teacher in the faculty of Communication of the University of Navarre and Montserrat Herrero who is a teacher of the Department of Philosophy of the faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarre. Both collaborate in the direction of the seminar Communication and Fashion and they are part of the Organizing Committee of the Congresses on Fashion that there organizes the Vicerrectorado of Academic Extension of this University.

They are you reflect deep of the phenomenon of the fashion, treated at the highest university academic level.

The philosophical currents get together with the phenomenon of the fashion. Some of the topics are: the fashion in the postmodernity, the urban space and the fashion or the influence of the modern art in the fashion.

SOCIAL DISTINCTION AND FASHION | Ann Marta González and Alejandro Nestor García (EUNSA)

There meet the contributions of several authors of different Universities on two topics closely related between if: social distinction and fashion

A historical perspective allows to illustrate this double dimension of the fashion, a t the time that there facilitates to us to understand why this form of assimilation - social distinction relative to receive a special relief in our time.

The studies here quiet do to themselves echo of this multidisciplinary approach to the fashion constituting a significant contribution to the investigations in this field.

The publishers are Ann Marta González who is a teacher of Ethics and Social Anthropology in the University of Navarre and Alejandro Néstor García who is a teacher of Sociological Theory in the University of Navarre
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