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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
©Jaime Villalba/Bernardo Paz Museum of the Suit
©Jaime Villalba/Bernardo Paz Museum of the Suit
©Jaime Villalba/Bernardo Paz Museum of the Suit
©Jaime Villalba/Bernardo Paz Museum of the Suit
Roberto Verino
The Galician designer has celebrated his silver weddings with an exhibition in the Museum of the Suit of fifty two models, two for every period, in which there is revealed his sober elegance and his personal contribution, beyond the creators who look for the disguise and the mask to sound. His esthetics are that of good materials and pronounced line. Many women follow him because his models remain beyond the immediate thing and end up by receiving the value of the permanent thing.
Comisariada for Pedro Mansilla, the sample of Roberto Verino (Orense, 1945) began in the happy years 80, where the animation designer received relief in Gallicia with his name along with Adolfo Domínguez and Purification García. The exhibition, which will remain opened until the next November 11, was inaugurated by the assistant director of State Museums, mister Palomero and the director of the museum of the Suit, Andrés Carretero. The Galician minister, Cesar Antonio Molina, visited on eve the exhibition when a dinner of three hundred guests took place for the members of the circuit of the fashion.

Charter member of “Fashion of the Mediterranean”, of the Spanish Association of the feminine pret-a-porter, of the Textile Association of Gallicia and of the Creators' Association of Fashion of Spain, Roberto Verino contributed to the creation and parades of the Museum of the Suit in Madrid.

Verino has designed with art for man and woman. Today it is provided with a hundred of points of sale in which also there can be complements and accessories like glasses, perfumes and clocks. The designer orensano has created also a wines mark, what leads him to working the same way like businessman.

The exhibition has a chromatic assembly instead of chronological, like a musical symphony in which pieces of different periods they make coexist, in a challenge of making them compatible in the time of a few years beyond his ephemeral conjuncture. The creative direction has run in charge of Alberto Luna. In addition to the suits, the sample presents photos of his parades in the footbridge Cibeles or models, some most beautiful of Javier Vallhonrat.

The light and noble materials – that not luxurious - in the textile art as there are the linen, the viscous ones or the skins make a show of a few lines in which Verino shows his style elegance a day because it is following the rhythm of the woman who changes like everything in the existence. It is the panta I laughed at the Greeks. But his changes are not vuelcos of dizziness but of attention to the needs of the citizens who consume fashion to feel good and to be helped in the self-esteem. “I defend the “possible luxury” the designer declares.

Roberto Verino knows that the image is slightly key in the society of the XXIst century and takes care of it with his repertoire of models that they promote, they underline the one who takes them and does not supplant them as it happens with the designs and aggressive models. Some of his clients have given him suits and garments for this sample what demonstrates that there are great those who keep them like singular pieces.

The exhibition will become itinerant for diverse Spanish cities and it will be an invitation to contemplate the pure forms, the color and the relation between materials of quality and piece of clothing worth taking an author's signature as it is that of Roberto Verino. A design that has style vocation and of being the first line in the Spanish fashion
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