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For: Josefina Figueras
Carmen March
Carmen March
Carmen March
A feminine and favoring fashion there are the distinctive notes of the fashion of Carmen March that, in his collection for autumn I hibernate, it has been inspired in the big Spanish painters to offer us a few models of an exquisite beauty. The woman that we see in the linens of Goya, Zuloaga, The Greek one and Sorolla come alive in his models those who can give, inside the stamp of the different epochs, a proper stamp and a well studied contemporaneity.
A good seam, quality cloths and a perfect game of volumes are the weapon that there uses this designer who in his creations tilts between the high fashion and “pret to porter”. In his collection, which has all the touches of the clothes done to measurement, they  emphasize a studied selection of the textiles, the big passion inherited from his grandfather who was possessing a textile business in Majorca.

The light textiles, the ductile muslins transform in cascades of frills, ruffs and spouts that are the principal topic of many of his models contrasting with others where the flexible textiles serve to tint his gatherings in models much given to the body. Apart from his inspiration in the Spanish painting Carmen March accuses also the influence of the big Spanish designers as Pertegaz and especially Balenciaga. The trace of the teacher of Guetaria, put again in the first plane for the last and definitive signing of the House Nicolás Ghesquiere, appreciates in his good constructed volumes, in the bonds, in the gatherings.

Following the Balenciaga school, this designer puts his accent in the back where it places with preference his frills cascades, like those of a black suit, one of the m ost guessed right models of his collection. Also the giant knots and the knots abound. As for the coloring he bets loudly for the “entire black” although it combines it sometimes with the red one and the intense blue that also it leads some of his models in its entirety or climbs up in the spouts and in the wide bonds, like the one that there shows the model of our front, which they impregnate with romanticism the footbridge. The laces contribute also this one to romantic ambience  who presides at the majority of the collection.

One notices in the whole collection that Carmen March is not a designer “in series”. She is a staunch advocate of the personalized seam and with a good craft dose. From its own company it can take to the practice the target to continue the initial idea of a model until it comes to the last process. The contact with the client, he supposes for her a challenge. As formation anthropologist knows well the feminine body and his needs on having dressed itself. That's why his pledges are full of femininity and of ease.
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