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For: José F. Serra
The collections of 35 designers who paraded in the last Cibeles edition, dyed the black's footbridge. It is seen that the “entire black” will be the touch of domineering glamor of next autumn - winter, the common note of a fashion that moves between memories of previous decades, futurist visions and romantic fits.
There shone, once again, the mastery of the consecrated designers that they monopolized the first three days and emphasized, in the remaining days, the avant-garde ideas with cultural borders of some young designers, although others signed up to the esthetics Balenciaga with a classic style and visions of high fashion. 

The Cibeles "heavyweights" allowed to feel his influence from the first hour... Antonio Pernas has given a draft to his inspiration sources and has resigned from his minimalism and his pledges sesenteras to be inspired in the cinematographic prima donnas of the 40s. Long overcoats - robes, very wide pants, trapeze form skirts and very much black that, occasionally, it joins with the red one. Modesto Lomba inclined for the architectural lines of an ultra-repeated trapezoidal line, and with excessively short skirts that descabalaban somewhat the proportions of the design. The best thing there was the clear mastery of his drapeados and gatherings, very worn out details and of a very personal craft.

With a staging of flakes and covered with snow sceneries Jesus del Pozo presented a splendid collection with commercial borders but without resigning from his oriental touches, from the perfect combination of asymmetries and from the juxtaposition of pledges of comfortable textiles. The long and very wide culottes filled the panorama of neutral tones with mastery of the browns and resided. The serene elegance of Ángel Schlesser shone in the perfect designing of his overcoats and jackets, the straight garments with flared sleeves, the straight skirts of high size. Quite in black and