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For: Mercedes Álvarez
A luxurious, favoring collection, which plays with the contrasts sheen / mate and breadth / strait. The Venezuelan designer is the whole teacher as for the election of textures and the combination of colors in his proposal for the winter period.
The real leading role of the collection of Carolina Herrera presented for autumn - winter it relapses into the textile, which marked the personality of every design. The patterns in jacquard, brocade, the applications of flowers and sheets embroidered with the skill “fils coupé” on organza, the laces on silk velvet, the brilliant filigrees and the aspects upholsterers, shone with proper light in every pledge. Spectacular, the garments that were marking the silhouette and the suits of jacket of skirt or pants with an elegant game of contrasts, which was taking shape of the dull and soft wools combined with the brilliant reflexes of the silk or the level one, the brocade and the metallic filigrees in gold, silver and copper.

The tones, monochrome or like much in two-color miscellany, very autumnal: green sheet, plum, blue cobalt, gilding, bronze and pearly gray and marengo.

As for the pledges, the garments, with length below the knee, fit to the waist but they acquire volume in the sleeves, you extend up to the elbow and press hard in the doll, of style much vintage. Straight and exact pants with wide blouses of level or it sedates with knots. Wide overcoats of tweed and jackets carved with belts of chains.

Carolina Herrera presented also a few original jackets dieciochescas accompanied by belts of fantasy and pronounced seams.

The night suits, of sumptuous and brilliant textiles – the faya, the organza, the embroidered lace, the silk or even the mohair - are of straight lines and exhibit wide necklines heart or with only one shoulder and abundant pleating and drapeado, accompanied by bootblacks, shawls or capelinas.

On the subject of complements, the collection showed small soft hand purses with floral applications, and shoes of average heel: without platform! and with sharp toecaps, also profusely embroidered. A few brilliant belts with golden frets type are in charge of surrounding the garments and overcoats bathrobe. Cravats of level of silk knotted carelessly to the neck and long gloves of before.
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