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For: Patricia Sañes
Until point the fashion can fulfill the proper functions of the tradition, in particular, the function to indicate a north that should allow to preserve the proper identity? Does it imply the step to a modern society, with his apparent replacement of the tradition for the fashion, the irrevocable loss of the identity, as if of the identity it was depending essentially on the tradition?
Under the fashionable name “style“ does not sell simply, “identity“ sells. Undoubtedly the marketing departments have warned the demand of existing identity in a fragmented world and, on having proposed a new product, try to associate it with a way of life and with a more or less stereotyped personality, but, in any case unitarian and superficially attractive.

In general the thought deconstruccionista with regard to the fashion begins for assuming the progressive modern emptying of meaning that we associate with the garment and with other social forms, and declaring that the consumption society has taken to term this emptying so that now we would remain "liberated" of any other meaning formerly associated with the objects.

From the sixties it turns out to be already practically impossible to speak about a definite fashion because, in his place we are present at an apparent multiplication of the offer and, especially because it is assumed that the individual – at least as for design of his free time - has, concerning fashion, the last word.

The legs to the overdraft are a mark of this epoch but for mitigation of all the opaque average disguises some uncomfortable detail. The garments return with patterns to the Mondrian, geometric and with primary colors. The heels and the platforms are of last fashion, and the final auction obtains with an eyes eyeliner black color.

The 60 will go down in history like the decade in which the fashion of the street entered directly the High fashion, or as the age that saw being born to the most influential fashionable house of last century, Yves Saint Laurent. but also like the time in which the youth pushed back the elegance of Chanel or Balenciaga to turn to the boutiques in the origin of any tendency.

It is curious to verify that the pledges sesenteras that they appear with profusion in the last collections detach a rabid modernity; and that's why it is not strange that the fashion, in a constant debate between the past and the future, keeps on citing as an example his most sophisticated slope. and in this autumn it is you who will be the one that presumes of sophistication in one of the best and longer revivals of the world of the fashion.

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