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Naty Abascal / Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta Rewarded delivery /
Isak Andic / Jerry Hall / Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta / Cradle of the Revenue
At the end of April, the Walk of Grace of Barcelona turned into the shop window of the proposals of ten finalists to the Button of Oro-Fashion Award of Handle. His designs were exhibited on foot of street, fusing with the pother of the city, to put the binomial fashion - creation within reach of all. A few days later, the Hangar of Handle, the creative center that the Catalan mark has to the outskirts of the Barcelona, dressed itself of gala to receive the delivery of II golden Button.
The prizewinners with the award Handle were the teacher of the High fashion, Óscar of the Revenue, and the young designer, Lee Jean Youn. The last one will take part in the design of the next collection of Handle, in addition to 300.00 Euros are pocketed. Of the Revenue, which received the recognition of the hand of Naty Abascal and flanked by the ex-model Jerry Hall and the president of Handle, Isak Andic, he made sure that it was a moment of “big emotion”, since it began his career in Spain.

After the words of the Dominican designer, it started the parade with the proposals for the next period. A few big shop windows were emerging after the footbridge, in that there are glimpsed the immobile models - emulating the models - or his silhouettes were showing across the opaque glazing of some of them.

To the rhythm of the music, the models made way for themselves with the designs of the collection “We dog be heroes”. It is no wonder that it takes the song as a title of of David Bowie, who at the beginning of the 80 was sounding in the radiocassette, because Handle has put his look in this decade hated and admired to equal parts. Accented shoulders, leggins of leather, glitter, electrical blue with spangles, pink fuchsia and looks much rockers.

Nevertheless, the black and the belts surrounded to the waist were the indisputable protagonists. Will it be a reflex of the times that they cover? The skins and the caps with reminiscences to the Russia of the Czars were another keynote of the parade.

In the clothes for boy, who is in the shops from last year, woodcutter highlighted the style: fat jerséis, shirts of pictures, pompous scarves of wool … mints that for a look tidier Handle proposed black suits with certain futurist air.

After the parade, the guests went on to the holiday - cocktail between those who were the prizewinner Óscar de la Renta; Naty Abascal and his son Luis Medina; the image of the mark, Mónica Cruz: the ex-model Adriana Abascal de Villalonga; the princesses of Bulgaria, Carla Royo-Villanova and Maria García de la Rasilla; the model Verónica Blume; Eugenia Martínez de Irujo with Rosa Tous; the journalist Ann García Siñériz and already quoted Jerry Hall, between others.
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