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For: Maria Gatón
Christian Dior
Armani Privé
Christian Lacroix
Jean Paul Gaultier
The collections High fashion winter 2009 of Paris are a splendid entry to the fashion of this period. New faces, from the newly released successor of `Valentino´ Alessandra Fachinetti, to the artists' participation as Josep Font who impregnates the new fashion of Spanish extracts. Asmoda has been in the collections to sum the best thing up and more representative of the footbridges that have marked the icy point of the fashion and have brought us near to the tendencies of the 40s.
Two opposite styles: Dior and Armani Privé

Galliano, more discreet than it has us used, presented for Dior a special collection, waists hiper pronounced and feminine silhouettes with voluptuous forms in the suits managing to stylize the silhouette and at the same time to present works of art.

You form quasi architectural volumes floods with the richest textiles and big delicacy in the form. High quality models stylistics but managing in his splendor to support the femininity of the woman. We have seen a few wonderful night suits, with a few cloths of big splendor and delicacy.

A constant: tight super waists. Models of a big beauty esthetic and adapted to the life, ponibles still preserving the stamp high fashion. His inspiration source: the 40 and the first model of the history. Skullcaps cap in the staging.

What more we have liked: the high fashion suits with all his packing and at the same time llevables, the feminine silhouette much marked without extravagance and suits as certifications work of art for the night. Interesting super collection full of glamor and simultaneously of closeness …

Armani presented a collection in his outstanding figure estiilo, pants and jacket tailor in tones beige and gray with multiple changes. For the night black and white, garments full of wealth in the textiles, very tight and preserving the tones beige for the night. We loved his skirts years 40 with tight waist and length to half a leg.

Experts trio: Chanel, Lacroix and Givenchy!

Chanel presented a collection with silhouettes balloon, short skirts to the knee with wonderful textiles, sleeves abullonadas so much in the daytime as at night and wide, pronounced waists, resembling in all his collection to the galactic Courreges. He uses pleating in silks for the night and wools much prepared for the day. In the night suits forms rectilinear and finished make unequal with a contrast point, to be or not to be …! Architectural forms in the night silhouettes and models style years 40. Beautiful designs with his cosmopolitan point and contempráneo since we always find in the extract of the house Chanel.

Lacroix an emanation of wealth and originality: the high fashion in pure style, the Spanish reminiscences are constant: the mantilla, the chaquetilla cuts. A collection beauty both in the textiles and in the forms. Every model is like a picture. Night suits in drapeados silk, silhouettes in movement, brocades, laces. The whole colors palette adheres to the feminine body. Lacroix as always leaving the very high strip of wood in creativity. Influences of the Provence and of Spain and at the same time of the cubic avant-garde art in his identical textiles. A call to the good taste and to the beauty of colorings, textiles and forms! Brave Lacroix!

Avant-garde super Givenchy in the form and in the fund. Coloring of brown and purple and winter super textiles for the day with indigenous wools and surrounding pledges supporting the feminine point in his volume. Leather and level pespunteados. For cocktail textiles of long hair with very original colors and ultra alive. For the night laces combined with leather. A purist collection in lines and it limits both in coloring and in tendency.

Third day … Valentino and Gaultier!

Valentino represented by Alessandra Fachinetti, presented a collection that we loved. To start, it continues with the good one doing and the refined seam supporting the extract of the creator without falling down in pure copies and with the taste for the detail. A point of innovation and modernity to the purest traditional high fashion style in perfect finished. We have liked his short suits and the wealth in the night textiles. A collection where every suit is a work if the same remembering Balenciaga in the form and to Courreges in the vanguardismo point. Fachinetti in Valentino promises!

Gaultier handled contrasts: tight leather, waists hiper pronounced, brilliant and bold coloring, point and skin cocktails, contrast between screaming colors and black, feminine super silhouettes and a dose of eccentricity preserving the postmodernism to which it has us used.

To finish a special mention to Josep Font like one of the invited artists who presented his collection in Paris for the second time. Very feminine and Spanish high fashion. Models of the authentic only and unrepeatable creation both in the selection and framework of textiles, and in the traditional or absolutely avant-garde points of design. Laces, manila shawls, gasas, ancient embroideries and bold super colors from red passion to the purest blue as a blast of good taste and happiness. Thank you Font!
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